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Importance of Ladders in Home Improvement

Ladders date back to thousands of years ago. The ladders exist from the mentioned in the bible when Jacob had a dream of a ladder reaching down from heaven to earth to signs of ropes found in Spain caves. The step ladder was invented in 1862 by John H_ Basely of Dayton and since ladders are serving different purposes of humanity. 

Ladders are a long structure tool with poles on sides used to reach high places which are usually unreachable with human height and avoid mishaps/ accidents. Ladders hold importance due to its movable/ flexible and easy to mount feature, especially in home improvements.

In most cases, a ladder is the first tool you would need from wall and ceiling maintaining to changing a bulb, higher-end decorations, trimming trees and even necessary inspection of the roof. Ladders are a bliss if you follow the 3 point contact with ladder rule it can provide you a smooth grip and to increase the grip you can add non-slip rubber feet and rugs. The three-point contact with ladder rule is that you should always have two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot on the ladder for balance. There is a variety of ladder used in home improvement. The most common are aluminum ladders which are light in structure or weigh, moisture and corrosion-resistant but cannot support heavy loads. The other type is a wooden structure although they are durable enough. For heavy load, the steel ladder is preferred but is not corrosion-resistant. The other usually kind is fiberglass ladders which are more heat and electric resistant, durable and safer for electrical work.

The ladders are also used in different scenarios such as:

  • Rope ladders that can be used for gym activities or can be thrown out from helicopters to rescue people. 
  • Firefighter trucks have extendable ladders for tall buildings or blocks of flats.
  • Ladders are also attached to the boat for people to climb up and down the vessel for activities like swimming, diving, and snorkeling.
  • The industrial warehouse can be perceived much safer due to the importance of ladder installed at places hard to reach. employees require safe ladders for easy access to shelves instead of standing imbalanced on pile up objects. 
  • Ladders are also attached to attic entrance and library shelves for flexibility. 

Even though ladders are an important tool but abovethefloor.net advises you to take necessary cautions. About 500,000 reported cases of ladder-related injuries are reported each year alone in the USA. As a cautionary measure, you should be sure that the ladder is not placed on even ground and is ideally one feat away from the wall support. Use the right kind and capacity strength of the ladder for different purposes. The height and load capacity of ladders start from 200lbs to 375lbs. Moreover, the extension of the ladder should be at least three feet above the area you are trying to reach and you should always use a tool belt instead of carrying tools by hand.

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