Why Are SEO and PPC Important To E-commerce?


The world of business is getting digitized. Every business entity in this modern world has its website functioning on the internet. People think that it is all about the entity’s IT team designing the website with an attractive layout, easy navigation options and adding widgets to it. But, it is a completely different story.

If you have some goods posted on your website alongside a well-written set of reviews, then you just need two basic things to make sure that your site attracts the number of audiences which you aim for.

SEO and PPC are the two most simple and common ways to concentrate the website traffic efficiently. An investment made in this process will bring you a better return than investing the money somewhere else.

What is SEO?

SEO is generally known as “Search Engine Optimization.”The search engines like Google, Yahoo,and Bing,etc. rank your website according to some genuine factors. You can rank your website on different search engines by optimization of your whole thing. The factors which these engines consider while ranking different websites are:

  • The quality of the content published on a website and to check if the material is in relation with the topic or not.
  • The backlinks of the site present on the other relevant websites and the buzz that it creates around those websites (this ensures that the data is indeed relevant to the topic).
  • The overall build of the website. To see whether the website follows the standards to ensure better user experience and the ability of the search engine to review the website.

SEO's Relevance to Your Business:

The reason why SEO is a helpful and important tool for your website is that it allows your website to make its way to the first page of the search engines. The buyers buying the goods usually visit google.com to start shopping goods. Google then leads them to the most accurate and relative pages on the internet. So, adding SEO to your assets is going to add immense value to your website.


Now you would ask why some websites do not incorporate the above mentioned thing? The answer is quite simple. SEO is not about instant results. You would never see an immediate increase in traffic when you invest in search engine optimization. It is very difficult to break the monopoly of the websites present on the top of the search results. Many business owners see this process as a time-consuming method to increase users. But it can also do wonders for some websites in the long term. It needs patience and a lot of content with relevant keywords and anchor texts. Therefore, it is imperative to learn from the best seo courses to be able to do it on your own.

A Michigan SEO Company can help you understand and device your strategy step by step.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for “Pay Per Click.”This strategy is one of the most used techniques to ensure an immediate increase in the number of visitors. Google AdWords, Facebook Ads,and Bing Ads are some programs made to make life easier for the newly generated or developing websites. Various PPC course and dropship ecommerce course will help you to achieve the goal more securely This process is cost effective for your business and provides you with opportunities such as:

  • Shopping Ads –An opportunity to post shopping product advertisements on search engines.
  • Video Ads – The most common and effective opportunity is to post ads on YouTube videos or the videos present on other websites. This procedure can surely divert the traffic towards you.
  • Social Media Ads – This is an advance opportunity provided by different websites like Facebook and Instagram to post ads in front of the demographically relevant people on social media.
  • Display Ads – This allows you to post the banners or logo of your business on different blogging websites.
  • Text Ads – These ads are a simple and more traditional way of gathering views. It involves posting ads in the form of texts on engines.

PPC's Relevance to Your Website:

PPC strategy is quicker and more efficient than the SEO based marketing. You not only have the chance to achieve your goals early but can also investigate the relevance of different keywords that you used. Also, keep one thing in mind, most,but not all your viewers are coming from the ads that you post. There are also some users which organically search your products on a search engine to reach your website.

So now, some websites do not prefer PPC at all. The reason behind this decision is that PPC runs on the money that you pay for the ads. If you stop paying for the ads, then the viewers stop coming from the relevant websites. On occasion, PPC will earn you long-term customers, but often it is a completely different story. SEO will get you customers free of cost, without the need to pay for something.

On the other hand, you will see competitors competing with your business over the resources that your business uses. PPC is not a different story. Your rivals will offer better rates to the websites for showing their ads instead of yours. This starts a bidding war, which eventually minimizes the profit you make.

What About Using a Combo of Both PPC and SEO:

The benefits and drawbacks of both the strategies are mentioned above. You can clearly see that there are some places where one thing works better than the other. A business, ifit has the required monetary resources, should focus on incorporating both the technologies.

In the end, it is all about attracting the targeted users to your website. Help from both ads and search engine optimization is an ideal option for the owners.

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