Importance of Preserving Historical Buildings in Houston

Historical Buildings in Houston

Historical restoration in Houston is important because these old monuments carry our history, and help us better understand and respect those people who used to stay there at different times with their own habits and traditions. These old buildings are also helpful in discovering the changes happening in societies over the years. This helps in knowing the reasons behind the creation of cities and societies as well as changes from traditions to the present status.

When it comes to historical restoration, one fundamental question that needs addressing first is whether you should restore or rehabilitate your house? The decision made will have an impact on the finished character of the house, the time it will take to complete the project, and the total cost of the project. It will also influence how the entire work will be shared between you and the professionals for historical preservation in Houston.

Here are a few key factors to keep in mind when it comes to finding out which approach will be right for you.

Find Out the Factors Before Deciding

An understanding of the history and architecture of the house as well as the existing conditions of the materials used, the systems and finishes will help to determine whether to opt for restoration or rehabilitation of the house. In addition, the local building codes and other regulatory or financial factors will affect your decision.

Know the History of the House

Knowledge of the people who lived in the house and at what time, the events that happened in the house and their historical significance will help you in deciding if there is a need to restore the house to that era for better interpretation of its history.


What is Meant by “Restoration”?

Historical restoration of a house means making changes to the interior and exterior appearance to a specific period in history. Strict restoration is not always possible for homes as that would require eliminating everything that was not there during the selected period. Instead, most owners of historical properties prefer modern systems and design changes that include later work to add to the history of the house.

What is Meant by “Rehabilitation”?

Rehabilitation of a house means making the property ready for contemporary living while keeping the essential historical and architectural features intact. For instance, a rehabilitated house will have attributes that are typically found in modern homes like modern plumbing, mechanical, and electrical systems, etc.

Historical Buildings in Houston

Restoration or Rehabilitation

While restoration refers to the exact duplication of a specific period in the past, rehabilitation aims to keep a sense of the changes that happened over time. Hence, if the wood brackets of a historical house are lost, restoration work will install duplicated brackets in wood as they existed, while rehabilitation would add compatible design brackets of similar material.

Consider Alterations Already Made

Take note of the original design, materials, and level of skills of the original house and also consider the different changes that were made over time. Compatible changes that are similar or of better quality than the original should better be kept as such, or if required restored. However, poorly designed changes should arguably be removed.

Make Additions and Alterations with Attention to Detail

At the time of addition or alteration of the house, you should take note of the actual dimension, scale, and the proportion/balance. Make use of the right materials, colors, and textures as that existed in the original building.

Harmonious Integration of Modern Features

For a successful rehabilitation, ensure that modern technologies are seamlessly integrated into the house. Make sure that the changes made are harmonious with the design of the house without covering or ruining the features or materials that are historically or architecturally significant.

Ensure No Falsification of History of the House 

Ensure that the changes you do actually make the history of the house clear and visible. It must not be that the house appears to be of an earlier or later period than it is.

Look to the Experts 

When it comes to historical restoration in Houston, it is the property, your capabilities, and requirements that decide whether to go for restoration or rehabilitation of the historic house. And you are sure to come to an appropriate solution.