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Important Construction Site Protocols Post COVID-19

Some construction work is still under process during this pandemic, such as building health care centers or roads. The COVID pandemic has doubled the required safety protocols on the construction site. The construction workforce has potential exposure to dust and COVID attacks. This demands them to take extra precautionary measures to keep themselves free from any infection.

COVID’s impact on construction services is one of the biggest concerns. The construction job rate decreased by 93,800 jobs just after a month of the pandemic. It is putting a halt to the growth of the construction sector. Amidst this scenario, companies must set some basic rules and regulations for working during this pandemic.

According to the Edmonton based general contractor, BelVan Construction “Assessing the quality of the work and its exposure level is important to take measures accordingly”.

Below is the table which will show you the exposure level of the different workforce at construction sites and what they can do least to fight COVID-19 exposure.

Low Exposure

Medium Exposure

High Exposure

Maintaining at least 6 feet distance and following interim guidance for low exposure workers is necessary

Tasks that require workers to be within 6 feet distance. Following strict guidelines is important, including wearing masks and protective clothing

Being in a site where there are outside workers and anyone has reported showing consistent COVID symptoms

CoCOjob hazard analysis and the exposure level of each employee will help you in defining the rules. Below are some construction site protocols you can set to reduce the exposure of COVID among construction workers.

Measures for Fighting Against COVID On the Construction Site

Wear Mask

You need to compel your workers to wear masks on the construction site. It is recommended to use an N95 mask, which seals your nose area completely. Also, promote wearing protective clothing on the job site.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Basic PPE must be provided to workers. This can include gloves, glasses, masks, and protective clothing. Moreover, every worker should be provided with two or more surgical masks.

Promoting Hand Sanitization

Hand sanitization material should be provided at the working site. This can include hand sanitizers, detergent soaps, and water. Some disinfectant products may be required for construction purposes as well.

Perform Orientation Everyday

Orientation must be provided every day to keep reminding workers of the basic measures. Every orientation must include the description of diseases, their severity, preventive measures, and social responsibility.

Maintain Strong Social Distancing

Advise every worker to maintain strong social distancing. Ask them to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet with everyone and avoid social gathering or sitting in groups. Avoid handshakes and hugging each other for greetings.

Sneeze/Cough Regulations

Follow CDC recommendations while coughing or sneezing. Use a tissue paper or part of the upper sleeves for covering your mouth. When feeling sneezy, try to get apart from people and throw your used tissue paper into the dustbin.

Avoid Touching

Avoid touching your eyes or mouth with unwashed hands. Use soap and water to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. Use sanitizer afterward. Make your workers wash their hands every 30 minutes.

Washrooms must be cleaned frequently with a strong disinfectant. Workers should be encouraged to keep washrooms clean and avoid going if possible.

Keep A Separate Set of Tools

Provide your workers with the required set of tools and equipment for working on the construction site. Try to keep a separate set of tools for everyone if you share tools, clean and disinfect them before.

Avoid Sharing Meals

Cease any meal sharing activity. Ask your workers to bring their own food or provide them with packed foods if possible. Also, remove water coolers and provide them with separate water bottles.

Check Before Entering Premises

Check your employees for any sign of sickness before entering the site premises. This can include checking for their temperature, cough, or body strength. If you find any sign, ask them to take sick leaves and return when they feel better.

Supervise Your Workers

Supervision is important to ensure that protocols are followed. Assign a task of supervision to anybody. Make sure everyone follows the required safety measures at the construction site.

Ensuring construction site safety is essential to keep your workers in a healthy environment. All workers must comply with the necessary safety standards. Remaining alert of the current pandemic situation is necessary to work in accordance with the set principles.

Also, if you are looking for construction services with a thorough job-site protocol, get the services of reputed construction contractors. We provide construction services in a responsible manner. Our team of educated workers follows pandemic safety measures while delivering the best results.

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