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Important Driving Habit Modifications That Can Increase Your Car’s Engine Life!

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We have always learnt that keeping a car serviced properly and maintaining the repairs at regular intervals increases its engine life! But do you know your driving habits are essential for their better life too? The way you handle your car impacts your engine a lot. An aggressive pressure on brake and accelerator, pressurises an engine a lot. Similarly, if you are stopping your car at every tiny interval and then turning it on again, you are stressing your engine!

A lot of stress on engine means decreasing its life considerably fast, and even early wearing of other essential parts of the car. A good driving habit thus plays an essential role here. And if you are not trained properly in driving, your car engine suffers here too. That is why it is recommended going for a formal driving course at a driving school in Solihull. Just Pass Driving School ensures that you are taught the driving lessons perfectly. They give you a detailed knowledge about the best ways of driving that doesn’t harm your car or its engine at any stage, and thus you evolve driving safer and better!

Some Driving Habits That May Stress Your Engine a Lot!

Most of the times, the manner in which you drive in various conditions impact your engine's fuel economy and lifespan. So better get well-versed with those tips that can increase its life, and doesn’t cost you much too:

  • Be Soft on the Car During the Break in Period: A car’s break-in period is until your car covers one thousand miles. A new car obviously has all its parts fresh! Though driving a new car would mean an extremely smooth driving, but still being harsh on it is not at all recommended. And of course, the excitement of owning a new car may tempt you to drive away for long hours unstoppable and speed a lot too! But a newly manufactured engine can give away really fast if stressed too much. it's therefore essential to maintain the throttle in the least RPM range, but vary your driving speed timely. You can enjoy your cars entire range of performance and shouldn’t obviously get stuck in a particular speed or gear. But being cautious is important too!
  • Start With a Habit of Warming Up: You may be in a habit of directly starting and speeding away your car instantly. This habit needs to be altered a little. Your engine (especially in the colder regions) gets cold when at rest. It needs a warm up before driving on its full pace. When you start speeding the instance you start it, you are stressing the engine and not giving it the time to heat up gradually, and thin its oil in this process.  This act, if repeated quite often, will lead to an early wear of the engine.
  • Don’t Speed too Much Unleashing the fast and furious from within you can cost you a lot of loss (be it your engine or life)!  The more average speed you maintain for your car, the more life you are expanding of your engine. Over-speeding forces your engine to work harder in the pumping process. For this, it also uses more fuel, and exerts a force upon the pistons and various other moving parts to start working on a higher speed too. Your car may or may not bear the pressure of this. If this happens more frequently, your engine finally gives away along with various other parts.
  • Use Your GearsProperly— Gears impact the engine the most! If you shift the gears of the car, avoid going from the maximum gear to the lowest in one instance. This pressurises the engine, and leads to its premature wear. Also, avoid engine braking, that is -- driving into a higher gear, then a sudden downshift to a lower gear, and then taking the foot off the gas pedal. This leads to the RPMs increasing and the car slowing down without the use of brake. But, the engine faces a lot of stress with engine braking. Always shift your gears in the proper ascending or descending manner to make your engine last longer.

These driving habits can impact your engine a lot and that too negatively! If you just adjust these, you will save a lot of money that goes in repairing the engine and its parts. Also, you’ll be saving on your fuel too! 

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