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Important Facts about Barbed Wire that You Must Know

Having a barbed wire fencing around your property can provide double protection & security. The fence should be in proper condition to work efficiently.

If you have any kind of fencing surrounding your property for many years, you will notice that the fence has become rusty & worn-out in appearance. Again, if your fence does not function properly, that is, if it is easily removable or breakable, these are sure signs that you need to replace your fence. The barbed wire manufacturer creates the steel wire fencing material with sharp projections for the purpose of providing high-security to buildings like prisons & manufacturing units. The main purpose of this inexpensive fencing tool has been to keep things out from the things within.

Common uses of barbed wires include in:

  • prisons, (as already mentioned, to prevent the prisoners from escaping)

  • for protection( used by farmers mainly to protect their vegetables from getting spoiled by pests); also for restraining cattle from escaping

  • division( to divide property clearly)

  • in the army(used in training to keep the recruits close to the ground)

  • also used for testing any equipment’s strength & rigidity.

If your fence is in a poor condition, consider replacing it. But before there that, there are certain considerations that you should remember. These are:

  1. Local zonal laws- Before contacting your local barbed wire fencing manufacturer, it is always mandatory to consider the local zoning laws of your area, even if you are just expanding or changing its perimeter.

  2. Choice of material- You should select the best of the materials if you are planning to make a fence, to protect your home or your business venture. For any house, a new chain link fence would be a suitable option for the backyard but more secured material like concertina razor wire would be more beneficial for your property.

  3. Future plans- Before planning to place a fence, just analyse the reasons for it- whether you need a full fencing for the entire property or just a portion of it. For example: if you grow any crops in your backyard, obviously you won’t require the entire yard but only a small portion of it, right? So you can build a barbed wire fence only around the crop area instead of the whole yard.

Classification of Barbed Wire

Barbed wire can be classified according to materials, strand structure, barbed structure & twist type.

Materials- According to the material used to make barbed wire, it is classified into:

  • zinc coated steel wire- The most commonly used material for barbed wire production is galvanized steel. It is also called electric galvanized steel wire & hot dipped galvanized steel wire.

  • Zinc-aluminium alloy coated steel wire- this type of barbed wire is made of zince & 5% or 10% of aluminium alloy.

  • Polymer-coated steel wire- this is mainly zinc steel or zinc-aluminium steel wire.

  • Stainless steel wire- it is present with SAE 304, 316 & other materials.

Strand structure

  • Single strand- Comes with single line wire that is also known as strand wire & barbs, it is a simple & light duty structure.

  • Double strand- Comes with barbs & double strand wire also known as line wire, it is a conventional structure.

Barbed structure

  • Single barb- It uses single barb wire twisted on the strand wire

  • Double barb- On the strand wire, there are two twisted barb wires.

Twist type

  • Conventional twist- Also known as the traditional twist, the line wires are twisted in one direction. The barb wires are twisted between two strand wire.

  • Reverse twist- Different from the conventional twist, for the reverse twist, the line wires are twisted in opposite direction. Moreover, the barb wires are twisted outside the two line wire.

Conclusion- Barbed wires are effective materials for enhanced security & protection. Movement over the barbed wire can cause moderate to severe injury & hence this type of fencing system, prohibits any kind of trespassing efficiently. To install premium quality barb wire fencing surrounding your property, you can contact your trusted barbed wire manufacturers in USA.

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