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Important Facts about Getting Invisalign on Only One Arch

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There is a common question always striking in the mind of the people, “Can the invisible braces be used for treating only one tooth-arch?” It becomes a controversial question because many people are there happy with the set and position of one tooth-arch.

All they want to straighten only the teeth of either lower or upper jaw. People are talking about this solution because it is virtually undetectable with the naked eyes. We have accumulated here some important facts on the potentiality of the Invisalign if it is used only one arch. Have a look at them:

Get Introduced to Single-arch Treatment

Before penetrating into deep, you must gain the idea about the Single-arch treatment. Single-arch treatment is referred to the Invisalign braces that can be provided to either upper or lower jaw. Basically, during any dental issue rather determining the tooth which is severely affected, the orthodontist suggests single-arch as the solution.

This orthodontic treatment is effective for treating malocclusion which is the issue of improper bite. You must remember that single-arch treatment is ideal for treating a few limited conditions only.  If this is something that you're considering, be sure to consult this professional dentist in Tamarac.   

The right patient of single-arch braces

The dentist or orthodontist is master in determining the patient who badly needs single-arch braces. The patient who has mild crooked or crowded teeth only in a jaw requires this treatment. Gap closing is also done with the incorporation of single invisalign braces. While you visit your dentist for this brace, at first, your teeth condition has to be examined thoroughly and then provided with comfortably fit invisible braces.

The dentist checks the braces a multiple times and considers its potentiality according to the problem you are trying to deal with. During customizing its fittings, the orthodontist ensures that it provides optimal space when the gaps are closed or teeth shift its position. Single-arch treatment is meticulously designed for kids and teens who have just realized that they are suffering from moderate dental issues.      

What challenges can be experienced during this treatment?

Putting on the invisalign braces is comfortable and safe. But single-arch treatment can be risky for the patient who has been affected from dental issues only in a jaw. It is true that single-arch braces can treat the affected jaw efficiently yet bite throw off can be experienced by you. You may think that the teeth are started to get straight from outside but internally it is experiencing misalignment.

Appropriate fitting is the most important aspect you have to ponder during undergoing single-arch treatment. Moreover, braces only on a single jaw affect the working ability of the jaws together. As there is not adequate spaces in the forward of the lower-jaw teeth and backward of the upper-jaw teeth, fitting can be the major concern after a few days. Hence, it is not ideal to use in the case of deep bite. Before undergoing any treatment on your own, you must consult with dentist at Smile 4 u Dental Practice. Then, only you can know which brace treatment is perfect for your dental issue type. 

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