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Important Facts About Saba University School of Medicine

Saba University is a leading medical university located on Saba, an island of the Netherlands in the Caribbean Sea. It has the oldest and largest hospital in the whole of the Netherlands. The Saba University conferred the highest doctorate upon its graduates. At Saba University, you can study different subjects such as medicine, nursing, and dentistry.

Facts About Saba University

Saba University offers a very pleasant environment for learning because of its small size. Students who opt for a Saba University education will be placed in one of its four Schools of Medicine. These are the Saba General Hospital, Saba University Clinic, and Saba University School of Dentistry. The University also offers online academic courses and Saba University Extension.

Regular Doctorate Programs in this University

Saba University offers a regular Doctorate program focusing on the fields of psychiatric medicine, surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics, and family practice medicine. The subject matter is specialized with a strong background in basic science, health services, and psychology. The program consists of lectures, seminars, case studies, and laboratory experiments. During the last phase of the program, students undertake the elective examination under the supervision of a senior member of the Saba University faculty. The Saba University also offers several professional degree courses in dental medicine, nursing, and allied medical specialties.

The School of Medicine imparts two Doctorates degrees. Doctor of Medicine (MD) Degree is usually granted to those who have completed their master's degree. Saba University also offers a Master of Dental Surgery (DDS) and Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS). Both these doctorates qualify you for positions in national and international dental societies and hospitals. You may become a full-fledged practicing dentist or work as a specialist in any other specialized area of medicine.

Different Certificate Courses for Medical Students

Saba University also offers several certificate courses in various medical specialties. These courses are ideal for students looking to improve their professional qualifications in medicine or for people who wish to get into Saba University as a student. Certificate courses in general medicine may be chosen to fulfill the prerequisites of many Saba medical schools. The Saba University has a large medical faculty with various wings.

Medical Programs for International Students

Saba University also offers International Bachelors Programs, which is particularly designed for students who have completed their undergraduate coursework in a foreign country. The Saba University also offers Masters’ programs in various medical fields. Some of the areas in which Masters’s programs are available are neuroanatomy, radiology, statistics, public health, nursing, and private health. The Saba University also offers Master Certificate programs in dental therapy, oral surgery, pathology, nutrition, pharmacy, and biochemistry.

Saba University also offers International Bachelor Degree programs. These programs are designed for those who already have a bachelor's degree and wish to earn an MBA from a recognized institution. The Saba University also offers a Science and Technology Management program. This program is particularly useful for professionals who have a background in scientific and technological management. In this program, students learn management science and learn advanced business techniques applicable in the context of a company.

Other Useful Degree Programs

Saba University also offers Business Administration programs and Executive Programs. These programs are designed for professionals who want to further their education and advance their careers. There are several Saba University Schools, including the School of Business and Finance, School of Law, and MBA College.

Saba University also offers certificate programs in education. These include the Science-Based Business Learning Certificate Program and Science-Based Teaching Certificate Program. Both these certifications are useful for those who wish to enroll in graduate programs in business. Certificate programs help students improve their teaching skills, develop professional development and enhance their teaching and mentoring abilities.

Enroll for Saba Medical University

Students looking for a more comprehensive education can enroll in a University course. The Saba University offers Bachelor's Certificate programs in Education, Administration, Criminal Justice, and Management. These programs also provide the students with valuable hands-on training to help them get promoted in their respective fields. There are many MBA courses in Saba for students who are already working and wish to enhance their career prospects. These MBA programs are also beneficial as they help students enhance their management and leadership skills while gaining experience.


Saba University also offers various concentrations. These include Accounting, Alternative Medicine, Business Management, Consumer Protection, Early Childhood Development, Family and Community Health Care, Home Economics, Law and Legal Studies, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Political Science, Social Service, and Tourism. Many of these concentrations are also offered by other Saba University Educational Programs such as International Studies and Journalism Concentration. These concentrations are helpful for students who are looking to pursue higher studies. Saba University is also famous for its well-established Saba Museums. For more information about admission, Financial Aid and courses check this website.

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