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Important Information and Guidelines of V-Set Device

The V-set device is manufactured around a substantial drill, in which fast flow gravity fed infusions line to which any standard giving set can be hooked. These line intakes an anti-reflux valve and encompasses a unique non-kink design, which allows the fixing of the V-Set to the patient’s limb without the hassle of difficulties.

This set has also been designed so that each line is independent with no similarity of space, therefore minimizing the risk of underdoing. This set has a unique design that maximizes the quality in accuracy and security of infusions and injections. There are various features that include:

Every line is independent and has no restriction and common space
Dead space is minimized in it
There is anti-kinking spring appended on a gravity line
Polyethylene linings on the pump and injection lines prevent the drug absorptions
There is a wide range of anti-reflux and swab able valves
A wide range of sets that meets with clinical needs.

History of this product
this set has vast usage and almost all the countries in the world are getting benefits from it. This stuff was manufactured in 1985 and has become a basic necessity in clinics and hospitals.

Intentional usage
This V-set is considered to be connected to a patient’s cannula through a lock fitting to provide multiple line access to a single site.  When the V-set is connected to a patient, infusions can be managed by linking the relevant pump, syringe or a drip set to the line required.  This stuff is available in various arrangements with one-way valves on the lines and it's all depending on the configuration which is selected.

When we connect any valve or fitting between the IV cannula and V-set device,  there increases a dead space and it may affect or stop the flow in the V-set lines. All you need to do is executing the process under the guidelines so that there will not happen any disturbance who can badly affect a patient.

Below some devices with variations are mentioned to guide you regarding this set.
Double Lumen V set has a code V2 GSS R, Triple lumen V set code is V3 GISS R, Triple lumen 3 valve V set code is V3 3V R, Triple lumen 3 valve V set code is V3 3V MRI R. All the information that we mentioned is to guide you regarding this device to adopt according to your necessities.

Major Accessories
Anti-Reflux Valves maybe contribute which could be added to any of the V-set lines to intercept back flow and prevent drug delivery pumps from alarming situations due to incorrect blockages.  These Valves are supplied in packaging separately that is sterile. Hence, we discussed this subject thoroughly that is designed to meet all the possible challenges. All the departments are utilizing this resource for gaining the optimum results. This utensil works perfectly when we use it properly and under the guidelines. Nonprofessionals and newcomers should avoid utilizing it until they could learn its usage with all the guidelines. So, grab this information that will surely assist you in the future.

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