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Differential Repairs and Its Maintenance

Role of a Differential

Diff, alternatively known as differential is a mechanical device which forms a significant part of a car. It is a gear train comprising of three shafts, designed to maintain the torque or rotational speed of the car in a way that the external drive wheel moves faster than the inner one. It is possible only when the torque of one shaft is at an average of the torque of other shafts. If the speed increases in a wheel, then it needs to be balanced by decreasing the speed of other wheels. Use Precision shaft technologies driveshafts products for increasing your speed. At Pstds, they have a reputation for building the strongest driveshafts on the market. Every driveshaft is handmade, and in most cases, we can ship out a shaft as fast as 48 hours. With custom technology and over 20 years of experience, our driveshafts are the best on the market.

How a Differential Works

The major function of a car diff is to provide the main power of the engine to the wheels. It also performs the role of a final gear meant to reduce the torque of the transmission before hitting the wheels. The term differential originates from its capacity of transmitting the power to the wheel and simultaneously permitting them to rotate at varying pace. The capacity of the front wheel to cover a certain distance is different from that of the rear wheels. A car without a diff makes all the wheels run at the same speed. This way a car is unable to make turns.

Importance of Diff Repair

As the power of the engine is transmitted through differentials, it definitely has to be strongly built to avoid frequent diff repairs so that it lasts for a long time. A proper lubrication is necessary from time to time in a car diff. The lubricant functions as a cooling agent meant to protect the gears. If the fluid dries up, the differential tends to become too hot and its longevity is affected.

How to identify Problem in Differential

  • Everything has its own age. So, does a car diff which gradually wears out and may need replacement with time. One knows that it is time for diff repairs there is a strange noise while acceleration from the area where the axle is present. This may occur due to improper set up of gears or worn out ring and pinion. If the repair is delayed it tends to freeze leading to the loss of control while driving.
  • The car giving out a whirring noise while decelerating may be an indication of upcoming diff repairs. This may occur owing to loose pre loading of pinion bearing or bad gears.
  • Worn out carrier bearing can also cause of rumbling noises which eventually change during a turn.
  • A mechanic will be able to understand that the ring or the pinion tooth is broken from a clunking or clicking sound at regular interval.
  • Worn out positraction clutches cause a banging sound. It may be caused by broken spider gears as well.
  • A minor but steady vibration increasing with the pace of the vehicle may also be a matter of concern and a reason for diff repairs.
  • Running out of gas might occur due to worn out transmission parts or bad u – joints.

How much does it Cost for a Differential Repair

The cost for differential repair varies based on the type of car diff and whether it is the front one or the rear one. It also depends on the vehicle type what kind of repair is required for the diff. A light one might range from 200$ to 400$. In case of dismantling and overhauling, diff repairs might exceed to 800$. It might rise depending on the type of drive wheel of your car. If you maintain your car properly with regular servicing then you can easily maintain the car diff for a long period.

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