Important Things to Consider When Undertaking An Office Relocation


It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, at some point, you’ll want to move the location of your office. We’re not talking about changing from one room to another in the same building. This is when you need extra space or a better location to help carry your business forward.

Moving office location is a complicated task, it can be difficult to keep everything running through the upheaval. However, it is possible and you’ll find it much easier if you remember the following things:


This is one thing that many businesses overlook and it should be done before you even commit to moving.  There are many different methods of inspecting a building, one of the best is magnetic particle testing which allows you to structural issues without damaging the building.

As these issues can have a significant effect on your budget it’s a good idea to have the building thoroughly checked before you decide to move.


Having mentioned how your budget can be destroyed by unforeseen repairs, it's important to note that preparing a budget is essential.

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Your budget needs to consider the cost of physically moving items, purchasing new furniture, dealing with interior design, and allowing for downtime when your business may be offline.

You also need to consider if there is anything that has to be done to the office you’re leaving behind and whether it’s physically possible to relocate all the equipment.

Having a budget means you’ll know the cost to your business and that your business can afford it.

Interior Design

Your budget allows for interior design and this is an important point. It’s not just about the color of the walls. You need to be thinking about the layout that works best for the office, it doesn’t need to be the same as your current layout.

Consider what improves the workflow and how you can use the move to boost productivity. You’ll want to plan this well in advance of the move to give you tie to deal with electrics and other issues.


You need to communicate your intentions to your old landlord or ensure you’ve got the older property on the market and can handle the cost of paying for two properties.

Potentially more important is the need to talk to suppliers and customers, ensuring they know your new address. That means advertising the move on your website, via a newsletter, and perhaps using social media.

The last thing you want is to lose customers as they think you’ve gone out of business, instead of moving offices.

Computer Services

You’ll need to migrate all your computer services. This is more than just considering how many Ethernet plug-in points the building has. You’ll need to ensure the infrastructure actually exists for your computer network and there are enough power outlets for the servers, etc.

Finally, you’ll need to devise a plan to ensure the moving day goes smoothly and there is minimal disruption to the business activities. It’s best to get your staff involved in this as they’ll all be doing a little than normal.