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Important Things to Know Before Buying Industrial Sewing Machines

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The textile industry is one of Australia's most overlooked industries, often overshadowed by tech, banking, mining, and tourism industries. But it employs almost 36,000 people who are engaged in producing high-quality textiles from impressive raw materials like wool and banyan tree.


An essential factor that keeps this sector running is industrial sewing machines. If you're venturing into the textile industry, then you might be wondering about purchasing high-quality industrial sewing machines in Australia. And how do you select the right ones? Here's the answer:

Industrial Sewing Machines are Different from Home Sewing Machines

The first thing you need to understand is industrial sewing machines differ from domestic ones. Therefore, if you've been using a machine for your personal needs, do not use the same techniques to buy an industrial one. They vary by size, speed, adjustability, and cost. Let us take a look at the following things about them:

Check Out the Motor

Industrial sewing machines inherently have strong and big motors. This is because they have to work a longer period at a higher speed. The speed of the motor determines how fast the sewing machine will work. The best models can sew as fast as 5,000 rpm. With greater speed, you'll be able to get more work done in less time.

Also, they should start and stop instantly. So look at the motor and its quality.

Inspect the Automatic and Custom Features

The best industrial equipment will require little to no manual intervention. In other words, they're automatic. Right from setting up the covers to the finished product, everything should be automatic.


Also, look at adjustability. At times, you'd need the machine to work faster and at times slower. So does the machine offer to adjust the speed? If so, how much manual work is required?

A dealer will be better able to guide you through this process.


    • Sit down and sew on the machine. How smoothly does it run? Does it make a lot of noise? How much control do the feed dogs seem to have? Is the fabric weaving all over the place? How easy is the buttonhole? What about tension? How’s the stitch quality? How do you choose stitches & alter them? What stitch options are there—a zigzag, a blind hem, stretch stitches? Can you change the needle position?



Australian laws are strict when it comes to industrial safety. The onus is on the factory owner to ensure the safety of the workers. ISO has set up safety standards for industrial sewing machines, which all machines sold in Australia must meet. There are specifications for mechanics, electrical equipment, thermal hazards, noise, radiation, and ergonomics.

The safety guidelines are also in place for sewing stands, drives, and linking machines.

Set a Budget

The final thing you need to take care of is budgeting. Buying industrial sewing machines in Australia can be a bit tricky unless you've figured out your budget and requirements. The machines, depending on the size and features, can cost above $10,000. But cheaper options are also available. So, determine your budget before you shop for them. Assess your exact needs and make a proper budget accordingly.

Now is a suitable time to invest in the Australian textile industry. Raw materials are available in abundance, and the international market is recognizing textiles and products from Australia. So, do your math, have your thoughts and be sure you buy what you need and the best.

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