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Important Things You Should Know Before Using Invisalign

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A lot of people have had crazy experiences when it comes to their dental well being. Some went through surgeries, and many kinds of procedures just to have a responsible looking smile. What is your story? It could inspire others. Well, we are onto more than the stories.

Millions of people undergo treatments for misalignments during their teenage years. Some, however, had to find their way around this during their adult years. These people have found Invisalign to be of tremendous help.

Do you have misaligned teeth? And do you want us to treat you with Invisalign? Here are a few things you should know before trying it out. If you are residing in London, you can checkout here for special offers on Invisalign in London to obtain the treatment.

1.      There is more to Invisalign than straightening

Invisalign goes beyond straightening the teeth to inducing some anti-ageing effect. Invisalign can widen your smile and soften the appearance of a nasolabial fold which are otherwise called smile lines. You notice these effects when you smile; they appear as two black corridors beside your teeth. If this is something that you're considering, be sure to seek dental expertise in Chattanooga.

2.      Check everything necessary

You must ensure your teeth is in top condition before trying Invisalign. An x-ray of your jaw is essential as it will provide information on the state of your teeth and if it is okay for them to be moved. You may have sensitive teeth or a tooth that needs a root canal. So, be sure you understand the pages you are signing.

You need to book with a dentist with relevant experience. He will know how well to handle your situation.

3.      Ensure you try the Invisalign smile assessment before buying

There is a new development from Invisalign that allows people to take selfies and see how their smiles will look after an Invisalign treatment. You can also try this out. There are also videos provided by Invisalign on how the treatment will cause your teeth to move. You can watch the video and learn the relevant information.

Invisalign treatment offers customised moulds for individual patients. This mould will be formed from the original structure of your teeth and perception of your expected result.

4.      Understand the aligners

You will be offered pouches of aligners throughout your treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, up to twenty or more aligners may be recommended for you. You will use each aligner for about two weeks and then change to the next.

They are made of plastics and will fit perfectly over your teeth since they are customised. For a significant result, you have to wear them for 22 hours. That allows you two hours for you to eat, drink, and clean your mouth.

It feels like you will have to carry your toothbrush and paste everywhere you go since you will have to brush and floss immediately after eating and drinking everything except water. When eating and drinking, ensure you put your aligners into the case and cleaning crystals.They will prevent you from accidentally throwing them away.

5.      The attachments

Attachments are given depending on the situation. These attachments are small dots that are attached to your teeth. Their primary aim is to direct the movement of some specific teeth. Though they are as invisible as the aligners, you will feel them. You have to adjust to having them on consciously. At first, you will feel as though there are gravels at the spots of the attachment and may randomly feel as though you are biting your gums. But don’t worry, you will get used to it.

6.      The discomfort

The new sets of aligners will make you feel sore immediately after you put them on. The amount of pain depends on the degree of sensitivity of your teeth. This pain may last for as long as 24 to 36 hours. In order to get relieved, take some ibuprofen or other over-the-counter painkillers.

7.      Dealing with chewies

Your aligners may not seat well on the teeth during the first time of wearing them. Using chewy rubber will help. These chewies come in different flavours and will help introduce breeze to make the aligners seat well. They are obtainable from your dentist or on amazon.

What happens after Invisalign?

Firstly, after Invisalign, you will have a beautiful smile; but that is not all. You have to consciously make efforts to keep your now aligned teeth in place. Retainers will help. These retainers are like braces, but they are worn at the back of your top and lower teeth at night. Considering that you wore Invisalign clear aligners for 18 months or thereabout, wearing retainers is like a child’s play.

Maintaining your newly aligned teeth is as important as getting them aligned. Visit your nearest dental clinic today to discuss your Invisalign treatment and to book an appointment.

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