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Important Tips for Web Developers in 2019

It is another year which marks new beginnings for web developers. Web development skills will always be on high demand even as the internet continues to grow. For you to remain relevant, you have to be constantly improving your skills. Familiarize yourself with the best language for web development even if it will mean getting out of your comfort zone. To create productive habits in 2019, the following tips could come in handy.

Get More Research Materials

Web developers have a tendency of sticking to the coding or programming language that they are familiar with. Having a diversified coding ability will increase your opportunities in the field.

For example, if you only know Python, you should make it a point of learning a new language like RUBY, PHP, C#, c++. There is no reason for stopping at one language when there is a demand for more. The mentioned languages are currently in high demand. If you can master them, you’ll have more work than you can handle.

Replicate Top Notch Web Development Projects

There are people you look up to in the web development field. It could be as a result of the projects of they have worked on. To improve as a web developer, challenge yourself in replicating web developments projects that you admire. You might feel like giving up if the coding is too complex but the reward is far much greater. Most web developers are stuck in the same jobs because they’re used to producing the bare minimum.

Don’t allow external forces to influence your design process. You can do the project in a sandbox environment so that you can identify issues that could come up in coding.


The life of a web developer can be lonely and frustrating. You spend most of the day in front of the computer running code and debugging errors. You can start interacting with other web developers. Websites like Meet-up allows for people with same interest or field to meet up in person and share ideas.

You’ll be surprised by how much you can learn when you interact physically with other programmers. You also get an opportunity to network and meet with industry experts who can also provide mentorship. Don’t be surprised when you come up with the next big idea during such meet-ups.

Better Time Management

Working with from a computer comes with a lot of serious distractions. Writing code can be tiring and if you’re not disciplined, you will find yourself spending a lot of time on things that are not related to work. A routine is recommended if you want to manage your time more efficiently. Get enough rest by making sure you’re going to bed at the same time every day. During work, use the internet only when you’re doing research.

Avoid the temptations of checking your Facebook feed. You can use time tracking software to measure your productivity. Identity the nonproductive things that take up a lot of time and come up with a strategy to address it. Manage distractions by having your phone on silent when working.


By teaching what you know, you also get to learn in the process. Teaching is a great way of sharing knowledge and continuing to learn. Teaching requires that you organize your thoughts in a presentable format. Even though you might consume information from different sources, presenting it requires that you’re thoughtful and thorough. You will also need to do research so that you can properly address the topic without leaving anything behind.


As a web developer, you should pay close attention to trends. There is always something new happening in the web development world. Follow industry news and keep abreast with the latest happening in the field. You will make more informed decisions and produce work that meets the industry standards. You can search for industry-specific news sites and set alerts for new research and case studies.


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