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Important Traits to Be a Successful Android App Developer

Important Traits to Be a Successful Android App Developer

Android is a bigger market than iOS as it caters to the masses and has a variety of compatible devices. More and more Android apps are developed every day. The apps are widely popular supporting the field of Android app development making it one of the popular careers in this tech-savvy era. Many companies that specialize in software development in Dubai have hired Android app developers to increase their business and client base.

However, if the development is for a specific project or a brand, there are certain traits that Android App Developers around the world have established and are considered crucial while developing an app.

Alluring design

The app must put an everlasting impact on the users as soon as they see it which is only possible with exceptional design. The number of available apps on the Play Store is approximately 2.2 billion which makes it extremely difficult to get detected.

An effective strategy allows the app to look aesthetically attractive with easy navigation and a user-friendly interface.

Users’ demands

An Android Application developer should have the complete idea of the vast market he is catering to. The Android market is bigger than the iOS, increasing the number of user demands. Extensive research is required at the end of the developer to create an app that satisfies this diverse range of customers.

Conduct surveys, acknowledge ratings, and take the comments seriously to have the exact idea of the users’ demands. Improvise the app accordingly and keep on developing your product.

The originality of the idea

Have an original idea. There are thousands of apps available for one service, but the successful ones are those based on original ideas. Revolutionize your thought process. Have an idea that is yours. Inspiration may be taken but ensure that you are not copying anyone. Conduct plenty of research so you can figure out opportunities for development especially those that are not yet addressed by existing apps. A well thought out idea, and an app built around it, automatically stands out.

Be a self-critic

Have a keen eye. Keep faith in the idea but never ignore self-criticism. Be open-minded to negative feedback and utilize it to improve the app. Always ask a question of why a user would want to download your app when so many similar ones are available. This is your unique selling proposition. This gives you the edge you need over your competitors. More importantly, your app should be a solution provider for your customers.

Follow the latest trends

Technology is evolving, so are the customers’ demands. Be updated and follow the latest trends. The latest trend that is critical for the success of your app is cloud storage. Apps that support cloud storage are more practical as they increase the ease of access from multiple devices and can be easily used while on the go.

With all the ongoing speculations and threats to data theft, an app should have foolproof security features. Ensure a safe data transfer to avoid information leaks or attacks. App developers are expected to implement reliable data encryption to attain privacy and security while using the app.

Incorporation of the latest technology such as AR, VR or AI is also taking an upsurge in trend, and their impact on the mobile app industry cannot be ignored. Most of the newly developed apps are incorporating these tech trends are gaining immense popularity.

Google’s Instant Apps have been following the ways a user can access an application, minus the downloading, Android Instant Apps are a level ahead. It is a captivating experience for users as it endows Android Apps to run instantly with just a few clicks on the screen as soon as the link is searched or opened.

An impactful portfolio

A portfolio serves as evidence of your capability and specialized domains. Design a portfolio that not only gives out your relevant information but has your latest and oldest work samples so that the client can quickly gauge your competence as a developer.

Understand the market

Android and iOS markets are huge, but Android has an edge due to mass clientele and various supportive devices that make the market more competitive. Know the ins and outs well. Ensure to keep a keen eye on the latest trends and happenings.

Be aware of your competitors

To develop a unique app, you need to study the available ones on the Play Store. Understand what your competitors have developed and what their strengths and weaknesses are. You can then decide on the cost-effectiveness of your app and its features that makes the app to stand apart.

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