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Improve Your Customer Relations with Social Media Customer Care Service

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Since the time humans began to communicate, each era has had its preferred mode of communication. A century ago telegram was the chosen mode of communication, then came the telephone and now, in this age of smartphone, we are seeing a shift towards social media. Although call centers are still seen as the primary link between customers and a company, the stock of social media customer care service has risen greatly in the recent past.

Be Proactive with Social Media Customer Care Service

Social media platforms have given a new voice to the consumers that they never had before. Even when you, as a brand, are not part of a social media conversation, chances are that you will be discussed by your consumers on these social media platforms. When you are not in the conversation, you have no means to control the direction of the interaction. It is wholly likely that uninformed users may pass on negative or wrong information about your product/service that may impact the image of your brand.

An example: Suppose you are a mobile handset manufacturer that has released a new update (that needs to be manually downloaded) to fix a particular bug. The buyer does not know about the update and is venting out his anger on a social media platform. It is very much likely that the buyer will influence other potential buyers, which will deter them from buying your handset. Contrast this with a situation where you have a social media agent monitoring such chats. This agent, upon seeing the customers’ complaint, will immediately propose the manual update in form of a link to the customer. The customer will download the update and the issue will be resolved without other potential buyers getting negatively influenced.

In the example above, we can clearly see that social media customer care service is a proactive measure that can come to your rescue in unforeseen situations. Just like the situation above, many different situations can be addressed, controlled or resolved by having your own representatives on such platforms.

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Finding the Right Social Media Customer Care Service for Your Business

In the modern times, the pressure on businesses is so intense that it is hard to find time or resources to run auxiliary services like social media customer care service in-house. A much better option is to resort to customer support outsourcing services that provide social media services as well. However, choosing a vendor for this task is quite tricky as this is a new domain in customer care operations. So, have a look at 2 tips that can help you make a selection:

  1. One service for all platforms – There are so many social media platforms out there that it makes no sense to employ a different vendor for each platform. Hence, you should partner with an expert in customer support outsourcing services that has experience in managing interactions on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.
  2. Right workforce – Although social media customer care service appears a simple profile, this line of work is tougher than what it looks from the outside. The agents working in this domain need to be intelligent and have the sensitivity to come up with the right response at the right time. You cannot afford to anger a customer on social media, hence, choose only experienced vendors that have a good success rate in this line of work.


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