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Have an improved web design with these tips

When a prospect visits your website, is your brand message clearly conveyed? Are all the sections easy to find and navigate? Are all the packages you offer clarify the pricing and are easily understood? Is your bounce rate sufficient? If the answers to these questions are in negative then you need to seriously re-consider the design and optimization of your website. A user friendly web design is the main source of customer retention and to convert your prospects to permanent clients. The rapidly changing technology and latest innovation every other day are making it necessary to follow the trends otherwise you might lose on a lot of customers. The internet is full of options an if you not the one providing it, then definitely anyone else would.

There are some crucial steps followed by the best web development companies in Dubai to get your website the leads it needs.


Have a firm believe that nothing can be executed successfully without a well-laid out plan. Give ample time for planning and preparation to come up with a solid strategy that will determine the web design for you. Work closely with the designer and developer to ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled.

Eliminate sturdy pictures and vague jargons

Content is the key to the success of any website. Written and pictorial content is the only source that will allow your customers to understand your product and services and navigate productively through the website. Make sure that the images used at the website are not stock images found on any other website, always prefer original and authentic imagery. Additionally, ensure that the written content is jargon-free and easy to comprehend. Do not make it too complicated and use typical industry related terms as it will limit your clientele to those who will not be able to understand the content.

Include social share and follow buttons

You are missing out on a lot of traffic if you do not have social sharing buttons on the website. Ensure that your website has these buttons on easily visible spaces so that your content can easily be shared and traffic can be derived from social media also. In this digital era the presence on all the social networks and networks is utterly important. If you are utilizing all of them wisely only then you can get the desired conversion rates. 

Captivating CTAs

Attractive CTAs are the best source to persuade a customer to perform your desired actions. Design them in such a way that they are visually appealing and interesting so that the visitor clicks them and perform the desired action.

Smooth navigation to guide the users through your website

The ratio of leaving a website without performing any action is quite high if the users are not able to navigate the website with ease. The design of the website should be laid out in a way that allows the visitors to find their required sections, browse through them easily and all the necessary details are available at a glance.

Mobile compatibility

The web design needs to be mobile compatible as most of the browsing is done through mobiles. Design your website that is fully compatible with mobiles and tablets.

Focus on SEO

Every website needs to have a good ranking on the search engines and that is only possible through SEO. It is the most effective way to make your website visible on search engines.

Personalize your content

Personalizing the content on your website according to your brand identity is a must. The content presented at the website, either graphic or typographic should depict the brand’s identity.

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