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Improving Bone Health as A Senior- Steps to Follow

Most elderly are admitted to hospitals for reasons related to their bone health. To put it mildly, statistics are befuddling. According to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, an estimated 1.5 million people experience a fracture as a result of a bone condition. When it comes to hip osteoporosis, the number rises substantially, reaching 10 million people over the age of 50. Fractures are so common in patients with osteoporosis that even simple activities like sneezing can result in broken bones. Although an individual's lifestyle has a significant impact on bone health, there are always activities that can be taken to improve bone health even when you are sitting at the ripe old age of 50.

To begin, have your bone strength evaluated, know your bone density, and be aware of your current situation. A variety of tests can be used to check a person's bone health, although software programmes like FRAX are the most used (Fracture risk assessment tool). The tests determine your risk of osteoporosis based on your genetic history, lifestyle, health state, and risk factors. Other methods use dual energy X-ray absorptiometry to provide more precise analysis.

Calcium Supplements are a boon and so is Calcium rich diet

This is a foregone conclusion. The majority of the bones are made up of calcium. Other body functions are also controlled by it. Men and women both lose calcium after menopause, albeit women lose it at a quicker pace. Milk, cheese, some green leafy vegetables, and yoghurt are all calcium-rich foods. Because too much calcium might cause kidney stones, it is better to visit a physician at a Primary Medical Care Center Plantation to determine the daily calcium intake.

Remember to soak in lots of sun

Walking in the sun every day is healthy for your bones as well as your blood circulation. Sunlight now plays the role of being the best source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium and the rise of calcium levels in the bones. Leafy green vegetables and fortified dairy products are two other ways to receive your daily dose of Vitamin D. Aside from Vitamin D, you should also increase your calcium intake through Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. Flaxseed and fish are the prime sources for Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Want to gain bone density, try lifting weights

The utilisation of muscles occurs as a result of strength training (also known as weight training). When the muscles are utilised repeatedly and aggressively over time, they help to strengthen the bone to which they are attached. Bone cell growth can be stimulated by activities that put pressure on the bones. In this situation, weight-bearing aerobic exercises result in denser and stronger bones. It could take as little as 8 minutes to complete the task.

Evening routine of drinking is of no help to you

If you drink frequently and heavily, the damage to your bones is severe and long-lasting. As a result, according to various studies, consuming more than is recommended on a regular basis is detrimental.

Haven’t quit smoking yet, find the motivation below

Isn't it obvious you could see it coming a mile away? Nicotine has a negative impact on bone-forming cells and hormones that aid in the creation of bones. Because nicotine causes oestrogen loss, which is connected to bone health, the effects on women are significantly harsher. This is why postmenopausal women are more vulnerable to all types of fractures. As per this article, if you find yourself in this situation with a senior, don't panic, just contact a Primary Medical Care Center for Seniors to provide the best immediate care to them. These suggestions, if strictly followed, will help you keep your bones in good form.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to find motivation to work through all these care tips, however if you compare it with the pain that broken or dainty bones give, you will be easily able to lift yourself off this situation. With the help of proper consultation from reputed doctors it will become way easier.

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