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Sunknowledge Service Checklist improving your DME Medical billing

DME Medical Billing

To find the right balance in the competitive medical billing world between patients care, keeping up with the everyday new rules and regulation and most importantly focusing and maintaining on the quality of patients care and administration work, healthcare providers find difficult particularly focusing on the improvement on the revenue cycle.

In 2016 newsletter AMA stated that Patient care is and should be the top priority and the most important source of passion for physicians, along with making your business side of the practice health and prosperous can also be one of the factors contributing to better patient’s satisfaction and outcome.

This means without a proper revenue cycle you cannot have better staffs, pieces of equipment needed, technology and facilities which directly affecting the patients care.

As revenue is the backbone for any business and in-house staffs of the healthcare organization still finding it difficult outsourcing seems to be the best option.

Pointers for a perfect DME Medical billing outsourcing organization:

Collection practice - It is seen many healthcare finds difficult and often slow in collecting the amount to be received due to the increase in high deductible plans resulting in an increase in patient’s charges. This is why having the right outsourcing solution with trained dedicated staff working for retrieving your collection is very important in generating revenue for your organization.

Denial management- claims denied is responsible for raise your account receivable process and the overall cost to collect which is why the outsourcing organization has experience AR analysts helping in faster account receivable management.

Cost effective- it is one of the important reasons for outsourcing as for in-house staffs often seen experiencing difficulties keeping up with the updated software, regulation and balance between administration and billing work. It resulting delay in the billing process which affects the revenue generation as a whole.

Technologically updated dedicated resources- keeping up with the ever-changing regulation in the healthcare industry is very important. As it will not only help in faster delivery of work but also a reduction in clams hence resulting in lesser wastage of time and money.

Compliance - safety and quality of work are very important as vital information is provider about thousands and thousands of patients. An outsourcing organization with proper security measurement also becomes one of the key aspects when looking for outsourcing.

Sunknowledge amenities:

Working for more than 10 years with both payers and providers Sunknowledge Service Inc has excellent references from the industry. We are an ISO 27001: 2013 and 9001: 2008 organization which ensures a complete 100% HIPAA compliance with a complete security and quality management for the DME medical billing and other medical billing work. We also have the highest productive metric with a 99.9% accuracy rate with as low as $7 per hour as our service charge.

Our work does not end here we have a track record of 97% collection rate even from ageing account as we have well-equipped resources.  Our billing executives also experience working on several industries standard practice management and billing software like, Fastrack, brightree, SOS, Kareo etc. We are the perfect partner for your operational extension for your DME Medical billing as 50% of our work involve in DME medical billing with an annual turnover of $1.6 billion. With a dedicated account manager and customized reporting according to the client’s protocol daily/weekly/monthly is also generated by us for operational transparency and understanding.

With more than 100 clientele list including Medtronic we also have few more facilities like no binding contract as well as Hiscox Insurance cover of $1 million for errors of Omission and Commission. So leverage Sunknowledge benefit for DME medical billing and gain a seamless cash flow for your organization with Sunknowledge tailored customized solution.

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