Monday, October 2, 2023
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Improving Real Estate value through home improvements

The overall real estate market has continued to decline in recent times, which has led to less people looking to sell property. This has also led to a major growth in people looking to improve their property to add value. So here we cover two of the best ways of improving your real estate to increase value.

Updating the Kitchen

One of the most popular upgrades that people look to do in their homes is to update the kitchen. It is one of the key areas of the home, so can instantly play a major role in increasing property value. One example is by remodelling the area, which has been shown to result in between 60-100% on return investment when selling the property if done correctly. Another popular way is moving to an open-plan living option. This could even mean a major remodelling and taking down walls to enable this.

However, it does not always have to be larger jobs when it comes to updating a kitchen. You could simply look at adding fresh colour to the area, which can make a major change. Using bright modern colours can instantly give the home that updated feel and can be done relatively cheaply.

The final easy win for upgrading the kitchen area is to look at adding energy efficient appliances. These are becoming more and more widely available in the modern age, so can be used and make a change for the environment. By implementing these into the property, you can also help to save money down the line due to using less energy. This could then be a positive selling point for people in the market for a new property.

Insulation to improve energy efficiency

Another great way to increase property value is to look at updating insulation to help improve energy efficiency in the home. This is also something that does not need to cost the earth and is a positive in the eyes of potential buyers. Examples include sealing cracks, sorting out leaks and upgrading windows and doors.The latter could be done with a Truedor composite door. These have been a revolutionary product in the market and offer great insulation, on top of security and enhancing the overall appearance of the property.

Other common areas that need insultation improvements are windows, light switches and electrical sockets and around the attic hatch. Others include lighting, in the basement and anywhere in the home that has wires that link to the outside of the property.

Adding a deck

Another great means of increasing the value of a property is to add a deck.Having these outdoor spaces at a property is a big selling point and becoming more and more important for people. It has also been shown that this will result in a return of over 65% on investment when it comes to selling the property. This can also be done at a reasonable price based on the desired design and how big the deck is going to be.

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