Improvisation of Working Memory in Children and its Effects

Working Memory is the ability to work with information and also attain the basic mental skill. This is an important learning mechanism which allows brain to hold on new information and perform and use them in different ways as per the needs. It enables a child to connect the new information provided by the learner and working memory for child can increase the efficiency level of the children. Today, various schools and kindergarten schools follow some working memory practice to provide best study methods for their children.

Working Memory is a Key to Learning which helps a Child in the Following Ways:

  1. Learning and solving math problems: Maths in all about remembering, understanding, visualizing and arranging the numbers. A good working memory enables a child to perform the best and with this learning process they can act smart and learn faster.  A teacher can use several tools to engage their students and children can easily learn lot of things through these learning tools. Abacus schools just follow the same process to provide better and faster learning technology to their students.
  2. Accessing and grasping the given Information: Kids with weak working memory have difficulty grabbing and holding on to information provided to them. They have less ability and capability to access information and work with when they’re performing a task. Whereas the opposite is the case with kids having a sharp and a well developed working memory. Through these learning processes, children can easily grasp the information and learn faster. Even they can memorize their tasks for longer period with their working memory.
  3. Ability to remember and pay attention: Kids with weak working memory skills have trouble keeping in mind and they jumble up with everything and land up being confused and tired. A good working memory enables a child to understand where they require to put in much attention and concentration to avoid further errors of their tasks. They don’t face any difficulty to stay and continue with the same task and reach till the end to get a result without any hustle.
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How would you Improve your Child’s Working Memory?

  1. Encouraging active reading and learning: If a child is made to sit and read even small paragraphs on daily basis without interruptions, he or she can build in information collected in chunks and easily access to them in the long run.
  2. Playing card games: Card games such as Crazy Eights, Uno, Go Fish and War can improve working memory where the child is made to remember the card numbers and play their chances.
  3. Working on visual skills and memory: Children should be told to create images of what they are talking about in their minds before start writing them on papers. That helps them to clear their minds before talking about something and improves their working memory too.
  4. Creating routines and breaking work down into small pieces: It’s the responsibility of the parents and the teacher to understand the respective capabilities of each child and then work upon the same respectively. Knowing it, they then should create proper routines for their children and their children should follow the same.

Every child needs special amount of attention and care. Low Working Memory can be best improved with parents and teachers showing more love, attention, patience towards these children.

The training of auditory working memory and auditory sequencing are beneficial in such cases. But these processes cannot be provided by parents because for these auditory learning processes, you need some basic tools. In this case, you can contact with a trained professional, and they will help you to increase your child’s working memory.

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