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How To Increase The Value Of Your Property (Without Spending Much)?

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Increasing the value of an investment is the goal of any property owner. Every property owner will want his or her investment worth more than what it was initially bought for. There are various expensive ways to add in-depth renovations to your property. But not everyone will have the budget and the audacity to spend more on their property.

Similarly, there are also good, low-cost ways by which you can perform some much-needed upgrades to improve the overall value of your property.

Cost-Effective Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Property

1. Do Painting

There's no better and inexpensive way to increase the value of your property than applying a fresh coat of paint - both on the interiors and exteriors. It will be better if you can stick to neutral shades, as it will appeal more to a more significant number of buyers. 

Colours like terracotta and dark brown should be avoided. 

2. Do Cleaning And Adding Extra Items

A clean and tidy looking apartment or a property will have an immediate effect on its overall value. You have to keep both the exteriors and interiors clean from any dirt, mud, garbage, strange odours, cleaning your sewage system, etcetera.

When it comes to adding items, you can easily place some low-cost plants, outdoor lighting, a newly painted mailbox or shutters. This will make your property look a lot more inviting and will give higher returns in the future. You can also add new walkways or driveways with the help of concrete driveways in Melbourne services. 

3. Changing Or Replacing Door Knobs And Indoor Lighting Fixtures

If you're planning to put your property into the real estate market anytime soon, then small details like doorknobs do really matter. You can easily change the knobs on your doors and kitchen cabinets, without costing you a fortune. 

Another thing to take care of is to replace or change the home lighting fixtures. Your home will be easily given a lift in terms of elegance and will help it look brighter and modern. You can also replace the switch plates if you need as well.

4. Beautifying The Kitchen And Bathroom

You can easily do a mini-remodel of your kitchen without spending much, like adding a faux-wood finish to your kitchen cabinets. Try to buy stainless steel accessories as it will help in increasing the overall 'oomph' factor. You also need to replace your kitchen appliances if necessary - in case they've stopped working or are too old.

Beautifying the bathroom will be just as easy as the kitchen remodelling, as you’d need to focus on the faucets and water taps. Replace the items, if they’re rusted or not working as intended. You also have to upgrade the lighting equipment of the bathroom and also thoroughly clean it as well. Dirt and grime can easily fill up bathroom surfaces quickly. Make sure you freshen up the tiles and marbles again.

5. Changing The Front Door And Improving Outdoor Lighting

It has been reported by the National Association of Home Builder that, almost 41 per cent of all home buyers will take into account outdoor lighting as a significant feature. You can easily add a little bit of cash and improve the outdoor lighting, by adding door lamps, twinkle lights, etcetera. It will also deter thieves as well. 

Apart from that, you can also change your front door in order to improve your property's appeal. You can do that by painting your old one or changing it totally. If you have a wooden door, you can always upgrade it to a steel door, for some more cash. In case you want to sell your house, later on, you'll quickly recover 75 per cent of the steel door cost. 

6. Taking Care Of Your Lawn

A simple lawn maintenance procedure will quickly help you reap great rewards. A poorly maintained lawn will easily de-capitalise the entire cost of your house. 

You can use a rented lawn-mower and cut down on the excessive grass shoots. Furthermore, you can also trim leaves and branches of the small plants in front of your house, to give your home a wholesome look. 

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