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Increase Your Marijuana Yield

The ultimate goal of any marijuana grower is to have a high final yield. In an ideal world, this yield would be high despite less effort, time, and money being expended.

This article will go over:

  • Increasing the intensity of the light
  • Pruning increases yield.
  • Make the ideal environment.
  • Harvest at the proper time
  • Choosing the Best Genetics

Numerous elements can reduce your output, thus as a producer, you must always be aware of and prepared to resist these issues to secure a high harvest.

What are the key factors that can influence your yield? They are light intensity, pruning or training, nutrients, climate concerns, and harvest timing. All of these criteria can contribute to plentiful harvests, but if they are not handled correctly, they have the potential to destroy your marijuana crop. As a result, you must be well-informed and prepared for any unexpected obstacles that may arise. It is critical, for example, that your plants receive the proper amount of nutrients for them to develop robust and healthy. A good product, such as Marijuana Booster, can provide your plant with a range of nutrients that it requires, which can significantly increase your yield.

More than anything else, the genetics of your marijuana plant will have the most impact on the eventual harvest. To begin with, choose a strain with high potency and yield to ensure that you may maximize your crop to an incredible amount.

Increasing light intensity

It is easy to tell whether your plants are struggling with light intensity. For example, plants in the vegetative phase will "stretch" upwards toward the light source if they are not receiving enough light. As a result, the stem may grow taller between nodes and leaves or fall.

Bushier plants will yield more than tall, lanky plants. To promote bud growth, these plants will need to blossom. Simply put, more light equals more (and bigger) buds. The importance of it for your marijuana garden is evident.

Light is by far the most significant aspect affecting any marijuana plant. It is vitally essential for the flowering stage of marijuana plants; however, many inexperienced growers underestimate the value of increased light intensity. Bright sunlight fuels photosynthesis, producing sugar for your marijuana plants' flower growth. The plant needs uninterrupted darkness to make and release the hormone florigen required for flowering.

To tackle an issue caused by insufficient light, i49 suggest you various options. Buds become more extensive and fatter with more intense light. This means a higher production — and a better harvest for you. High light intensity is crucial when your plants grow their buds the most during the flowering phase. Aim for uniform height and a dense cola density. This is difficult to achieve during flowering, so if your plants have grown unevenly, you will need to work hard to ensure they get enough light. As the plant's flower, it's essential to keep the area cold.

The lamp can be moved closer to the plant to increase light intensity. Remember that direct, bright light is the best approach to boost the size and potency of all buds.

Your plants will not get too much light in general. So it's shocking that it gets to be too much light for marijuana plants in the wild. Too much light won't harm your plants as long as it isn't too close to your plants.

CO2, although not directly related to light, is a significant component that plays a role in photosynthesis. CO2 helps plants absorb more light. Adding extra CO2 to the grow chamber is generally a waste of time unless the light becomes too intense for your plants. This is when CO2 will help your plant's output greatly.

Make sure to close up your thoroughly growing space before adding CO2. Do not enter a room containing excess CO2 to avoid harming yourself or others.

Pruning for more yield

If your plants are getting inconsistent light levels, meaning the tops of your plants are growing faster than the bottom parts, you may want to consider trimming or training your plants.

This component goes hand in hand with light intensity since it affects light coverage and distribution. Training and pruning help your plants grow taller and broader, and it's free and easy. You can either top your plants or apply Low-Stress Training (LST). Many growers favor LST because it reduces plant stress (as the name suggests). LST wants your plants to grow flat and wide instead of tall and thin. It achieves this via bending.

If you plan to use LST, start early. It is easier to achieve the right shape of an LST plant if you start young. Instead of bending and tying your plant, you can use a screen or netting to direct its growth. This is called Screen of Green.

If you want to train your plant uniquely, you should consider Supercropping. This can be used alone or with another training method. Plants are forced to bend when they don't want to.

Topping is the most preferred way of actual pruning for marijuana farmers. FIMing the plant is also popular. Both procedures remove a growth from the main cola's end. If done early enough, the plant will quit focusing all its energy on one cola. It will instead focus on other bud-laden colas. This increases yield.

Make the ideal climate.

If your plant (or a part of it) starts browning and wilting, it's probably due to too much heat. The extreme or sudden cold will also inhibit growth and have other detrimental effects, so avoid it at all costs.

To maximize your plants' productivity, you must maintain a stable, healthy climate. Temperatures too high or too low, as well as humidity, will reduce yield. Keep your grow room's temperature steady to avoid stunted growth or other harmful effects on your plants. The final harvest will be profitable if the temperature and humidity are maintained. This will boost the scent and potency of the buds, so don't overlook it when maximizing your production.

Harvest at the right time

If your buds aren't entirely mature or are exceptionally little, you've picked the wrong time to harvest. You probably reduce your potential by roughly 25% by harvesting too early. However, if you wait too long, you will lose some potency and smell.

There is a brief window of opportunity for collecting the buds of your marijuana plants. This time frame lasts between two and three weeks. You must ensure that you wait long enough for the buds to ripen completely. The last two or three weeks before harvest can make all the difference - buds can grow up to 25% faster during this time! This is why it is critical not to harvest before the optimal window.

If you want to acquire a specific high from your buds, you can adjust the harvesting timetable somewhat. Buds harvested early tend to provide a buzzy high, making them ideal for smoking during the day. Later harvests produce a more relaxed couchlock vibe. Choose a harvest date based on your particular preferences.

Choosing the right genetics

While there is little you can do once you have purchased and planted your seeds to change this, it is worth noting that genetics play a significant part in the final harvest of your plants. In the end, your marijuana strain will influence your buds' growth, size, and potency.

The good news is that most strains available today have considerably better yields and potencies than previous strains. They are also often easier to cultivate, and this is just becoming better over time.

Many inexperienced growers will pay a lower price for low-quality strains. Although they intended to save money, they will receive less value for their money because the end yield will be unsatisfactory when compared to the yield of a high-quality strain. This is why it is critical to invest in high-quality genetics from the start.

Of course, there are several versions of high-quality strains. Sure, some strains provide more yield, but others have been selected intentionally to produce desirable traits like height and bushiness. Others were developed to have exceptionally strong or aromatic buds, which means the yield may be lesser despite a higher quality bud.

As a result, regardless of what you do with the other aspects that affect your precious marijuana plants, you must begin with a decent strain. Do your homework, so you understand the strain's tendencies and expectations. You'll be glad you did in the end.

Always buy marijuana seeds from i49 if you want to avoid further research and start with quality seeds with a solid genetic background. Shipping is discrete and available worldwide. As a beginner, start with White Widow Feminised seeds.

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