Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Increasing the Sale Value of your Properties as a Property Developer

Developing a property, almost by definition, means improving its sale value. You’re buying a property that needs work, doing that work, and then selling it for a higher fee. The difference between the two fees is your profit.

Consequently, anything we can do to increase that resale value is going to be worthwhile – provided that the price is right. Given that the home is going to go up for sale, it’s critical that developers appeal to the broadest possible range of potential homebuyers, which makes certain decisions sensible.

Interior Design

The layout of a given space will make a huge difference. Knocking up walls, or knocking them down to create an open-plan setup, can have a dramatic effect. But you don’t have to make wholesale changes to completely transform a space; changes to coving, architrave, window dressing, and other items can also be game-changers, especially if you’re changing all of them at once.


Certain colours will age a property, while others will make it look extremely sleek and contemporary. Wall-painting is something that can be done by a competent DIYer, but a professional decorator will get it done more quickly, and with fewer mistakes. It’s not just walls that might benefit from a coat of paint, but also ceilings, doors, cabinets, and the like.

Use Higher Quality Materials

If you’re doing some remodelling, then your choice of material may have a significant swing on the asking price. If potential buyers walk into a new kitchen or bathroom, and realise that they’re going to have to make changes immediately to get it to the standard that they’re looking for, then they’re likely to put in a much lower offer. So, you might opt for a high quality kitchen worktop, to reflect the value of the property. Of course, there’s a limit for how much you can spend on a given space and still get returns – think about the maximum potential value of the property, and spend accordingly. There’s no point in equipping an inexpensive property, in other words, with the décor from an expensive one.


All of your would-be buyers are going to get their first impression of the property from the photos you’ve taken. Ensuring that those photos present the space in the best possible light is therefore essential.

Preparing for Sale

Prior to sale, the property should be absolutely spotless, but at the same time liveable and homely – to the extent that buyers will be able to imagine themselves moving in. This might mean removing any sentimental items, like hanging photos, which might bring to mind the previous owners. Your buyers will need to be able to think of the space as capable of being shaped to their preferences.

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Syandita Malakar
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