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Indoor Water Fountains: Where to Place a Waterfall Wall According To Feng Shui

Do you like the well-known Zen fonts? The correct name is "Feng Shui". The Feng Shui philosophy seeks to improve the quality of life by ordering our environment so that we balance the energies and obtain the energy called Chi and remove the negative. One of the most relevant elements in this culture is water, as it helps create life, accumulates energy and helps us redirect it. One of the best ways to apply it at home is through Indoor Water Fountains or Inside Waterfalls. Today, we explain where to place a Waterfall Wall fountain according to Feng Shui so that you can enjoy its benefits in your home. Contact us for a Bubble Wall Kit.

Water in Feng Shui

Water in Feng Shui is the element that achieves, by being in motion, concentrating and activating energy or Chi so that we can benefit from it. Stagnant water or the absence of it means that we cannot get this energy from the environment correctly.

The energy of water, which is synonymous with life, is used to obtain prosperity, wealth and abundance, and harmonize and balance spaces. Although, there are many ways to attract the positive energy of the flowing water, the best way to achieve it at home is by installing Indoor Water Fountains. Waterfall Walls or Bubble Walls emit a relaxing sound and help oxygenate the stays providing a calmer atmosphere. You can install a Waterfall Walls nearby waterway, a waterfall or a pond with fish.

Where to place a Feng Shui door Water Fountains

There are ideal places at home to locate Indoor Water Fountains, but there are also places to avoid. It is best to use a Feng Shui Bagua Map and see the best places to put Waterfall Walls or Bubble Walls. The best places to place Indoor Water Fountains according to Feng Shui are the following and in this order of preference:


·         Conference room

·         Entrance of the ballroom or hall

·         Workplace or office

Place Indoor Water Fountains far enough away from electrical appliances and on furniture that is not of great value, as it will somehow always splash, even a little. It is important to place it in these portions of the house because we love to meet people during the day. Take better advantage of the energy flow. Take advantage of the Chi that these Indoor Water Fountains provide. Always place the fountain facing the room's interior to retain the positive energy at home, never put it in front of a window facing the outside, because the energy will come out of the house following this flow.


Outdoor Feng Shui Waterfall Walls

If you want to put Waterfall Walls outside of our home, be it a balcony, terrace, garden or land, the location does not matter till it is the open space. Wherever we Waterfall Walls, it will activate and circulate Chi energy throughout this space.

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