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Industrial Shelving | 3 Essential Features To Know

Are you looking for industrial shelves for your warehouse? If yes, then this is one of the most important articles for you to read. Here, in this article, we are going to help you make the right decision on finding the best industrial shelving solution for your warehouse. We here will cover the 3 factors that you need to consider while investing in industrial shelving units. 

The 3 different factors to consider while choosing an industrial shelving unit

i) Should you bolt down the racks to your floor? 

ii) What type of floor you have

iii) Know your floor slab 

Let’s discuss these 3 factors that will help you choose the right industrial shelving unit one by one - 

i) Should you bolt down the racks to your floor? 

Yes, and definitely yes. When it comes to industrial shelving, it is essential that all your pallet racks are firmly secured and anchored with bolts. Now, when it comes to that, you cannot just bolt down the shelving racks to the aisle column, but you must know that all the interior and rear columns on all the frames are to be bolted down properly. Also, remember that columns end in a base plate. This is to make sure that the racks are kept upright and are held in place. 

Therefore, when it comes to industrial shelving make sure that you remember the bolting tips that we have mentioned here. We have observed these industrial shelving projects go drastically wrong many times because of improper bolting. 

ii) What type of floor you have 

Another factor that you need to consider while installing an industrial shelving unit. While installing the shelving unit, you must know which type of floor you have. Where many floor types would make it easy to install shelves, there, it is difficult for others. Since every warehouse floor is different, it is important that you know which floor you are dealing with. Here are the things that you must know about the floor before installing an industrial shelving unit - 

  • Size of the hole to be made in the base plate

  • Any seismic activity near the area where the anchor is to be used. 

  • How thick is the floor

  • Level of the floor throughout

  • Mechanical features of the flooring material. 

iii) The floor slab 

Before you start the installation of the industrial shelving unit, you need to know whether the floor slab you are planning to install the unit in is capable to hold and support the weight of the unit. If yes, you can go ahead. While judging the capability of the floor slab, you need to keep in mind that other than the shelving unit the floors are often going to be used to bear the weight of heavy machinery and goods. 


These are the three crucial points that one needs to keep in mind while installing the industrial shelving unit in your warehouse. These points will help you build a stable shelving unit in your warehouse. We would recommend you always hire a professional furniture company to take care of your industrial shelving project. 

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