Industrial Uses For Mechanical PTO Clutches


Mechanical PTO Clutches Have Many Industrial Uses

A power take off (PTO) clutch is a device that transfers power from an engine to another piece of equipment. A mechanical PTO clutch is used in several industrial applications. This article will examine the many ways that a mechanical PTO clutch can be used in an industrial setting.


The first benefit of PTO water pumps is the ease of use. There is relatively little you require to do to make use of a PTO water pump. Merely hook the pump electric motor approximately the PTO. For wheel pumps, merely back the pump into the water or establish the pump where you wish to start siphoning, after that link your discharge and also you're prepared to start pumping.

Marine Applications

A mechanical PTO clutch for sale can be used for marine applications. For instance, PTO clutches are often used on boats, including tugboats and fishing boats (PTO clutches are also commonly used for pleasurecraft). Chances are, most of the boats that you have seen on the water utilize a mechanical PTO clutch. Mechanical PTO clutches also power several marine industries, including offshore drilling. 


Mechanical PTO clutches are also integral to the mining industry. This is why so many mining companies are constantly on the lookout for a mechanical PTO clutch for sale. A mechanical PTO clutch is used on a variety of mining equipment, to ensure optimal performance. Mechanical PTO clutches can be found at mines throughout the world, including several in North America. 

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Agriculture & Forestry

Mechanical PTO clutches are frequently used in agriculture and forestry. Much of the farm equipment that runs on engines use mechanical PTO clutches, including the following machines:

  • Tractors

  • Grain Augers

  • Combines

This means that you will find a mechanical PTO clutch on nearly every working farm, as well as on large-scale agricultural operations. Mechanical PTO clutches are also an integral part of the forestry industry. Mechanical PTO clutches are used on a wide range of forestry implements, including band saws, logging machines, and chipping machines. These are the machines that help foresters do their job effectively. If you are planning on going into the forestry industry, your first step should be to find a mechanical PTO clutch for sale. Before the invention of the mechanical PTO clutch, forestry was a much more difficult and labor-intensive industry. The mechanical PTO clutch has truly revolutionized the agriculture and forestry industries.

Road Building

You will find mechanical PTO clutches in many vehicles on the road--this should come as no surprise. However, you might be surprised to find out that you will find mechanical PTO clutches on many of the machines that are used to build roads. By powering devices such as steamrollers and bulldozers, mechanical PTO clutches lay the foundation for America’s roads. Construction companies rely on mechanical PTO clutches to get the job done. Mechanical PTO clutches are used on all kinds of road construction projects as auxiliary power on demand, from major highways to smaller backroads. 

The Energy Industry

Aside from building our nation’s roads, mechanical PTO clutches also power our cities. That is because mechanical PTO clutches are widely used throughout the energy industry. This is just one of the many industrial applications that mechanical PTO clutches have. Within the energy industry, mechanical PTO clutches perform a variety of important functions. Without mechanical PTO clutches, it would be much harder for energy companies to generate power.