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Information about DC Converters You Should Know

A DC power supply is designed to be used in most of the appliances where a constant voltage is required. DC full form is Direct Current in which the flow of current is unidirectional. The process of DC conversion is done by using a DC converter.

Generally, the charge in a DC supply is believed to travel in a single direction. A DC voltage can generate a certain amount of constant electricity, which becomes the week when it moves further.

What Is DC?

When we charge our batteries or electronic devices, we often use ‘direct current’ i.e., DC. We also use DC power for third rail power systems and railway propulsion. DC means constant polarity. Some DC types come with variances in their voltage whereas others won’t. We should never tend to revere the polarity in a DC device unless it is designed to feature a diode bridge that allows for a switch. Most of the devices that are powered by batteries are not equipped with this bridge. So, if you try to convert the polarity, it will destroy the machine.

In general, the aircraft and automotive industries use such systems. Most of the time, a car uses 12-volt power, whereas some vehicles use 42-volt or 6-volt systems. Most light aircraft use 12 to 28-volts. Similarly, the railway also uses volt systems. Remember that anything that operates on a battery is running on DC power, ranging from toys to portable radios.

DC-DC Conversion

A DC converter can also be helpful in DC-DC Conversion. It is designed to receive the voltage from a DC source and converts it into another DC level. This kind of machine is used to increase or decrease the level of voltage. This converter is used in portable charges, automobiles, etc. This is important to note that some devices need a certain amount of voltage. If you oversupply them of power, it can damage the equipment. Besides, if less power is supplied to them, it can also destroy the device. A high power DC converter is used in railway and other industries. The role of a converter is to take power from the battery and reduces the level of voltage. For instance, using a converter, you can step down the power of an extensive battery of 24V to 12V.

Electronic Conversion

DC to DC converters is also used in electronic circuits. When they are used in this phase, it uses switching technology. A DC-DC Converter equipped with a switched mode technology is designed to convert the DC voltage level by storing the input energy temporarily and then releases that energy at different voltage output. The tool either uses magnetic field components like transformers, inductor to store the power or electric field components like capacitors. This type of conversion method is used to increase or decrease the voltage level.

Usually, switching conversion method is more powerful when compared with linear voltage regulation, which is used to dissipate additional power as heat. The high efficiency of a switched mode converter is used to reduce the heat sinking which is required for boosting battery endurance of portable equipment. You can make another improvement in a DC converter. You can do this by replacing the flywheel diode with synchronous rectification using a power FET. The ‘on resistance’ of a power FET is much lower to reduce switching losses.

Buying DC Converters

Many companies are manufacturing and supplying DC converters online.  They provide the systems for a range of industries, be it Automotive, Railway, Power Engineering, Building Technology, Lighting, Manufacturing Industry, Marine and Offshore or Process Industry. So, look for a reliable and popular company if there are requirements for DC converters.

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