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Everything You Should Know About Tripper Truck

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An idea of the dump truck was first conceived in the farms of Western Europe in the late 19th century. It is a truck also known as dump truck or tipper truck. These trucks are heavy-duty vehicles that carry gravel, dirt, sand, and waste materials like old bricks, stumps, etc. They are extremely popular in the construction business because of their strong built. Let’s understand everything about tipper truck to know why they are so important to the business.

What is Tipper Mechanism?

Tipper is a truck having a rear platform which can be raised at its front end to discharge a load. The tipper mechanism is the heart of a three-way tipper construction truck. The three-way tipper mechanism facilitates unloading on all three sides. Tipper mechanisms work basically on the hydraulic cylinder and hinge joint components.

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How Does it Work?

The hydraulic cylinder, in the forward stroke, pushes the body of truck upward, providing the required lift for tipping dumping. The entire body of the truck is tilted about the axis of the hinged joint to unload the material. Thus, the truck is unloaded in this stroke. Another stroke is the return stroke of the hydraulic cylinder causing the truck to return to its original position with respect to the hinge axis.

How Tipping Occurs?

Now, consider how tipping takes place in the tipper truck. The operation of cylinders 1 and 2 will cause rear tipping if you consider the side of cylinders 3 and 4 is rear of the vehicle. Left and right side tipping will be caused by the operation of cylinders 2 and 4, and cylinders 1 and 3 respectively.

Well, it is the tripper mechanism that adds to its importance because it makes the whole process easy and fast. 

Development of Tipper-technology Trucks

Tipper truck is quite a worth full commercial vehicle in modern time, but conceptually this truck was a great invention. Thornycroft developed a steam dust-cart with a tipper mechanism in 1896. The demand for these trucks was raised during World War-I and these companies flourished their business from wartime demand. Tipper technology got a new innovation of hydraulics after World War-I. In 1914, semi-trailer with hydraulic lift gates, hydraulic winches and a dump trailer was invented by August Fruehauf and launched for sales in the early 1920s. Fruehauf also obtained military contracts for his semi-trailer and became an apex vendor of dump trailers that were considered best by mining and road construction firms and heavy haulers.

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Tipper Truck Types

Tipper technology has become highly advanced in modern time. The contemporary models of tipper truck exist in various types such as Standard dump trucks, semi-trailer and dump trucks, transfer dump trucks, Truck, and pups, super dump trucks, semi-trailer bottom dump trucks, double and triple trailer bottom dump trucks, side dump trucks, roll-off trucks, haul trucks, and Articulated Haulers. These types of trucks are used for multiple applications.

Applications of Various Types of Tipper Trucks

A tipper truck is a versatile commercial vehicle that is used in multiple applications pertaining to moving, construction, and materials transportation. Construction projects are one of the most common uses for these trucks that are best for construction sites. Tipper trucks are best for transportation of materials of different nature that are used in multiple applications. They can be used in rough terrains; they can take the heaviest loads that no other trucks can. They make the process of loading and unloading easy and they require low maintenance. The use of these trucks in moving offers great comfort due to easy loading and unloading of heavy items.

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