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Information You Need to Know About Green Card

The Green Card, we've all heard of it, but do you know exactly what it is? It is a precious sesame: a permanent resident card that allows you to move and work freely in the United States, without having to apply for a visa. This card gives you the same rights as a US citizen, except the right to vote


What is the Green Card?

The Green Card is nothing more than a permanent resident card in the United States. This is an identification document for non-US citizens, issued by the US Department of State. The Green Card gives you the same rights and duties as an American citizen and makes your life as an expatriate in the United States easier . As a US citizen, you are required to obey the law and pay your taxes. However, there are privileges that are reserved for US citizens only, such as the right to vote or the ability to serve on a jury. Likewise, unlike nationals who are not required to carry an identity document with them, your permanent resident card must not leave you in order to be able to show it at any time in the event of an identity check.

The Green Card gives you the right to stay and exercise a professional activity or study in the United States, but not only! Thanks to your permanent resident card, it will be easier for you to apply for university scholarships for your children. Even if you don't get a scholarship, your permanent resident status means you benefit from much lower university tuition fees. The Green Card also gives you the right to loans at a preferential rate, and also after expiry you can renew 2 year green card. The permanent resident card is also the key to obtaining American citizenship. Indeed, after 5 years of holding the Green Card, you can start the process to apply for a nationality. This period can be reduced to 3 years in certain cases.

Advantages of having green card

Having the green card offers many advantages for those who wish to travel and live in the United States, but it also presents some constraints that must be taken into consideration. As a permanent resident of the United States, you are required to pay your taxes in the United States. So, like US citizens, you must pay federal taxes, state and city taxes where you reside, as well as local taxes. You are also required to report all of your income in the United States. In other words, this means that you have to report the capital gains you earn from both your US and foreign investments for income tax purposes. Young men between the ages of 18 and 26 who hold the Green Card are also required to register for military service.

Refugee or asylum seeker status

Asylum seekers are not required to apply for a Green Card. On the other hand, foreigners who come to the United States as refugees are required by law to begin the process of obtaining permanent resident status, one year after entering the United States. To apply for a Green Card as a refugee, you must complete Form I-485 . It should be noted that if your application is accepted, the date of your entry as a refugee in the United States will be retained as the beginning of the validity of your status as a permanent resident.

Investment in the United States

Invest dollar Every year, the United States reserves 10,000 EB-5 visas for various entrepreneurs who invest and create jobs on American soil. To obtain this visa, the investor must inject $ 500,000 into a regional center, for a fixed period, and commit to creating at least 10 full-time jobs for Americans. To avoid money laundering, the entrepreneur must provide proof that the money for his investment comes from a legal transaction. He must also present his tax statements for the last five years.

The EB-5 visa provides the investor with a conditional green card valid for two years. 90 days before the expiration of this period, he must submit the I-829 request to USCIS in order to establish proof that 10 new jobs were actually created with his investment. The permanent green card will be granted after validation from USCIS. It should be noted that the investor's spouse and minor children under the age of 21 also obtain their green card.

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