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Innovative marketing trends to follow in 2021

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Instagram is getting more recognition over the years. If you have a brand presence on IG platform, then you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn more about Instagram marketing tips and how to get powerful likes, followers and comments to boost your IG posts and influence on the algorithm of the platform. 


AI Applications for Social Listening

Billions of users around the world sit on social networks and they have become an integral part of our life. Social platforms provide valuable insight into a customer's opinion of a brand, also called social sentiment. Listening to social media provides data that improves customer service, leading to brand growth and market dominance.


However, the high volume of social media activity overwhelms marketers. It is nearly impossible to efficiently scan and analyze an endless number of reviews, posts and publications. Recently introduced innovative AI-powered marketing solutions are rapidly transforming this field.

AI solutions are capable of crawling Twitter and Facebook posts, aggregating consumer opinions and analyzing social sentiment. The data provided helps marketers identify trending topics and stay connected with customers.


User-Generated Content (UGC)

User Generated Content, or UGC, is any type of content created and posted by unpaid contributors - such as photos, videos, reviews, tweets, and blog posts created and submitted by users. User-generated content is a great marketing tool, and not just because it's completely free. As it turns out, UGCs are hugely influential when it comes to millennials. The experience and opinions of fellow consumers are more valuable to them than well-crafted PR releases.


Personalized marketing

In the era of GDPR and CCPA, customer surveys and online reviews are used to customize marketing campaigns. Knowing what your customers are thinking can help you personalize your messages even more.


Most of your content may not be tailored to customer characteristics (such as gender, age, etc.), but it can match predicted purchase history based on customer sentiment data.

The ultimate goal is a personalized approach to the client so that each client feels heard and noticed, and to offer the client a more engaging experience of interaction between him and the seller.


Best way for innovative marketing trends

The most important and vital component of any marketing innovation process is CX analysis. You need quality data to justify your innovation. Using innovative marketing strategies on highly detailed CX analysis can provide a better understanding of the consumer market and a deeper understanding of customer needs and expectations.

This information is key to effective marketing innovations that promote and support brand innovation and drive profits.

Optimize the page on Instagram

In this post, we will love to share with you real-life examples. Drop shipping on Instagram is perfect because visually, you can put everything in front of the desired customers. You'll see that Instagram can make your product images more attractive. People love Instagram because everything on platforms seems more desirable.

Let's take a look at the store page on Instagram. In this case, we will visit the page of "Claurete" brand that operates in Jewelry space. You'll see that they use every option of Instagram. For instance, they have very catchy and exciting BIO text. "Claurete" translates creativity into jewelry. You can do the same - develop the ideas of short and creative BIO text. Instagram users visit the page to see the BIO at first. So, it's essential to have fascinating text there

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