Ins And Outs Of Chocolate Cpmplete Guide


In the world, chocolate is the most popular sweet but it is seen as a food that can cause many health issues like overweight, diabetes, hypertension. On the other hand, it can also cure some very common problems. Read this article, so when you eat a bar of chocolate from the chocolate box packaging next time, you won't have to think about it. 

Ins (Advantages) Of Chocolate


An article published in “The journal of nutrition” stated that chocolate can have a good effect on people who have cholesterol problems. Studies show that chocolate bar which contains CF and PS can reduce the cholesterol level when used regularly and it also helps in blood pressure. 


Studies from Harvard college revealed that the people who take 2 cups of hot chocolate stay away from stress. The human brain has the ability to do billions of tasks in a matter of seconds but some parts of the brain require more blood flow to complete the task. Hot chocolate increases the flow of blood in important parts of the brain. 


Studies proved that the person who uses chocolate regularly have fewer chances of heart disease. Other studies found out that higher consumption of chocolate is equal to lower risks of cardiometabolic disorders.


According to the research of Canadian scientists, people who ate one serving of chocolate a day have a 22 percent less risk of dying from a stroke. The people who ate 100g of chocolate every day have 46 percent less risk. Eating about 30 grams of chocolate per day during pregnancy can help in fetal growth and development. 


The people who use a little amount of dark chocolate before a workout gets an oxygen boost during training. Researchers who studied cyclists stated that dark chocolate gives cyclers the boost of oxygen. They also ride at a moderate rate but use less oxygen. 

Outs (Disadvantages) Of Chocolate 


This has become a common but very disturbing form of the disease. Eating too much chocolate results in more body fat but the body mass remains constant. If you are trying to get better at your diet you will have to cut off the consumption of chocolate. 


The more sugar content in chocolate can result in tooth decay and you don't want to lose your teeth before even turning 40. 


The American journal of nutrition stated that women of old age who consumed too much chocolate at an early age had weaker bones and had minimalistic strength. 


Some chocolates or cocoa powder contains heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. Studies show that these metals are harmful to the heart and other body tissues. This can also cause stone in your kidney so it is important you check the ingredients before buying a bar of chocolate. 



Last but not the least, some people may face an increase in migraines while regularly eating chocolate because of cocoa's Tyramine and histamine content.

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