Insiders Tips On Selling Your Art to Hotels and Businesses


E-commerce businesses have certainly evened out the playing field for many artists at different phases of their careers, helping them grow vastly. However, with this arises a huge problem, wherein a plethora of different online platforms available to help make hotel accessories suppliers jobs tougher at curating the perfect artwork for hotels on the whole. How can one individual artist stand out in this vast sea of platforms and get their artwork curated for the hotel industry and forge a meaningful connection to help boost their sales on the artwork?


In order to increase the artwork-to-business clientele ratio, it is required that one follow all the various tips provided to maximize the need of each commercial client to curate an artwork perfectly befitting their clientele.


Here are some of the tips that you as artists could use to navigate through commercial art sales of your artwork for large walls:


  • Make a portfolio showcasing the artwork you've created for the best of your clients


Hotel accessories suppliers rely on many individual artists and collaborate to curate the right artwork for large walls in hotels and other business centers. In order to get in their good graces, it is important for artists to compile a portfolio worthy of selections of the artwork that they have created for previous clients and build up the portfolio on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram to showcase the aesthetics you've created for previous clients. By keeping this list of details, such as the budget of the project, conceptual inspiration, the color palette used, and the client's requirements, you can present properly the methodology you have taken to fulfill those requirements.


  • Make sure to highlight the art rather than the CV.


Although mentioned above, it is important to have a compilation of your work in a portfolio's format; remember that it should not be the highlight. Instead, make the art the highlight of everything you do. Although traditional galleries, by propelling your artwork, you could easily be noticed by sources on social media platforms, online platforms for sale, and drive up your sales while keeping all your buyers engaged through the plethora of images and creativity you showcased on these platforms. 


  • Remember to stay flexible at all times.


Getting commercial or sales is a very different task from getting into traditional gallery sales. Although an interior designer may fall in love with your artwork's styles, they would like to incorporate customization and changes to the light prints that they commission for artwork for hotels, whether they are at work for large walls or metal artwork for walls that they seek. By being flexible in following a client's direction, you could secure more sales. Having flexibility in the composition and the color palette especially caters to major hotel accessories suppliers who want customers' artwork to benefit their hotels' surroundings.
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Surely, you'll still be the commander-in-chief of your artwork's full outcome, but showcasing some flexibility could make room for a long-lasting relationship that other hotels will also appreciate while considering hiring you as the main artist for their artwork.


These are three of the main tips that you could remember while trying to sell your art to hotels and businesses.