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Inspiring & Modern wall decor ideas for your home

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One of the most visited places in our home is the living room. This is the most special place where you spent most of the time with your family and guests. So, it is essential to decor your living room in a modern way. It would be best if you tried a collection of wall decor paintings to give an inspiring and lavish look. Below are some of the unique ideas through which you can decorate your living area. Try these unique ideas to attract your visitors and spend some quality time with them.                   

Unique ideas for living room wall decor

1. Use some metallic frames: 

To decorate your walls, you can try some metallic frames. This is the most known and most used technique to decorate your wall. For this, you can choose a family photo or a portrait and set this with the metallic frames. You can also choose your favourite family moments. You can also change the pictures from time to time as per your need.

2. DIY canvas art: 

If you want to do some fun with colours, you can try some DIY with canvas. You can show your talents with the canvas sheet and attract the visitors who visit your home. Try to use the colour scheme two-toned to give a more professional look.

3. Bubble wall art: 

Have you ever heard about this? Well, you can try this at your home also. It is an easy DIY wall decor ideas where you can use the colourful tissue papers. You have to cut the tissue papers in a circle or any geometrical shape and then stick it in a white wall hanging board. For more knowledge, you can try some DIY videos of this.

4. Yarn art canvas: 

You can try this in your living room. It is also a DIY idea which you can try with the multiple colours. To create a unique and lavish look, you can use the different colours in one board and hang this in a white painted wall.

Choosing a colour palette while painting your house is one of the most irritating tasks. It isn't easy to choose a colour that fits the vision for space. In this place, you can try to search for some beautiful wall art. Once you get your beautiful wall art, you can use this as a colour palette. Choose wall art having 2 or 3 shades. Always try to choose the dominant colours so that it can give you a complete look.


5. Black & white swirl art: 

If you want to give a modern, contemporary look to your living room, you can try Swirl art. It can fill your empty wall and make your home attractive.

Other than this, you can try many decorative ideas such as painted portraits of you or your loved ones ,  Drip paintings, Acrylic wall decals, printed Tapestries   and wooden decors, etc.

It looks weird when you have empty walls in your room. Something looks empty and unfinished until you don't hang anything in your wall. To complete the look of a room, people choose wall arts. There are different types of wall art available in the store. It makes your room beautiful and elegant. It can complete the look of your room by providing that extra touch.


If you want to décor your home in a low budget, then the ideas mentioned earlier will be best for you. It will be better if you try some DIY ideas by watching the videos from YouTube. If you don’t have enough time for that, you can visit online stores to get canvas paintings with a huge discount rate

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