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Installation & Operation Manual of navien tankless water heater

One cannot simply imagine the winters or even for that matter any day of the year without a water heater. Technology has advanced and so has the way we get the warm water for bathing. Earlier we used boil the water on fire and it was a laborious, risky, poorly energy efficient and time-consuming task. It was only because of the breakthrough invention of Norwegian Mechanical engineer Edwin Rudd, an automatic storage type water heating 1889. The technologies evolved with time and then came the updates and advanced design and operational procedure of traditional storage type water heaters and the present day modern tankless water heaters.

Another breakthrough in the field of tankless water heaters is navien tankless water heater from the house of KD Navien. The company entered the market of water heaters in the year of 1978, and was the first Asian company to produce a highly efficient, environmental friendly boiler with condensing technology. The company did not blindly follow the market trends but went ahead and with innovative thinking and thus created a market and name for itself in the world of tankless heaters.

The tankless water heaters from the brand are easy to install and operate, there are few steps that need to be followed to install. Select a proper location for the installation of the heater, the location should ensure adequate clearance for the water heater, adequate venting and good drainage option and sufficient access to water and electrical supplies. Also, make sure that the water quality is as per the EPA standard so that the water heater works efficiently. If the water is contaminated contact the concerned authority and discontinues the use of water heater till the issue is resolved. After ascertaining these perquisites the task of installation can be started.

1] find the proper amp required for installation- firstly find the proper Amp and watt requirement that will be required for the installation. The level of the unit will give watt and volt and divide the watt with volt to get a figure of Amp that needs to install the tankless water heater.

2] circuit breaker stress test-the capacity of the circuit breaker is a matter of great concern. Conduct a proper stress test regarding the main circuit breaker. Usually, the Amp power capacity for the model is up to 80%. Multiply the unit needs to be required by 1.2 to get the Amp required. There is maths involved and do the calculation before the installation.

3] check the inside wire connections properly- the tankless heater needs 1 to 6 circuit breaker and wires are connected to those circuit separate terminals. Find the number of circuit breakers the model needs. This is specified in the manual provided so read it carefully.

Check the manual properly-read the manual provided by the Davie company properly and thoroughly, if there is a requirement of professional plumber then call someone for the task. Electric ratings need to be addressed so that the heater gives the best result.

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