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Instructions on how to watch live football with the acestream link

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Currently, there are quite a few methods of watching live football that you can use to experience and track the ongoing matches, one of which has the acestream. Please refer to this article, to know more about it.

What exactly is Acestream?

Before knowing how to view the acestream, the first thing you need to understand is what it is. Below is the basic information to help you understand this application.

Acestream is a live football viewing software that uses P2P peer-to-peer file sharing protocol and allows you to run Torrent files directly without having to download to your computer. In the acestream, the main components are:

TS Engine: This component has the main function of sharing images over the P2P protocol, this component plays a very important role.


TS Player: This component is a program that plays the multimedia video from the Torrnet method, thereby helping users to watch the video without losing any time to download.

TS P2P Multimedia Plug-in: This is intended for web browsers (it is based on VLC Plug-in). In fact, it helps users to use most of the functions on acestream in the browser with high quality.

Magic Player: If you use acestream on Chrome or Firefox, there is support for those browsers, which will transmit high-quality images, allowing users to watch online on the browser.

How to watch live football with the acestream link

To be able to watch live football with the acestream link, the first thing we need to do is install this application on your device, below are the most specific instructions. Please refer to how to do it.

Step 1: Download acestream software to your computer. Once the download has finished, click on file.exe to be able to proceed with the installation. When the first interface appears on the computer screen, you need to check "I accept" and press "next to" be able to move to step 2.

Step 2: Please continue to click "next to" make other requirements appear. You choose to get a software that can be D or E, and then install the software in the Choose the driver section. Next is to go to Install and install the software. In order for the software to install completely, please wait a few minutes and then click Finish to be able to close the interface you just installed.

Step 3: When you see the window Ace Stream Web Extension installed in Chrome browser, click on the icon AceStream, then click on the line that has added a new utility - Ace Script, then click Enable Utility to get the can be used. At that moment, you will also see at the same time on the computer toolbar will appear as an acestream icon. So you have installed it, you can watch live football with the acestream link already.

Two ways to watch football with the acestream link

To watch football with the acestream link, we have 2 ways. You can apply them, as long as your computer has installed acestream software.

Method 1: View with acestream Web Extension utility

Step 1

Once you have successfully installed acestream on your computer, then you will begin to check the operating status of the software. Accordingly, you just need to spend time and access to any website, then get there a link acestream to watch football.

Please note, each football link will provide the Sopcast and Torrent Stream link at the match, but because you watch it by acestream, only get the Torrent Stream link. In it, the acestream link will look like this: acestream: // 99a1cf157df2f0d3e1d6da58ad3622d67c78b145.

Step 2

After selecting the link, please click on the  acestream link you choose to watch live football. 

Step 3

You will see an ace player HD interface (VLC). To see more football in this interface, you will perform the operation as it requires: Gender (gender), Age (age) and press OK to start.

Step 4

The software will take some time to load the program, to get the best quality of the picture. Therefore, you should try to wait a bit and in the process of watching the shadow you should limit moving the software's windows or zoom in and out.This will help you avoid having to load the program again.

Method 2: Watch manually on Ace Player HD

Step 1

On your computer, start the ace player HD software and then click on Media and choose Open AceStream Content ID…

Step 2

On the acestream tab you need to enter the online link ID range into the toolbar that the window appears, remember the ID range is all the characters that appear in the acestream: //. You copy the ID sequence into the box Please enter a content id and press play as the program can run. To watch football, you just need to spend a little time waiting for the software to load the program.

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