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Interesting and Unique Things to Do in Oman in 2021

If you can’t decide where to go in 2021 then take Oman Airlines flights and do the interesting and unique things mentioned here for an unforgettable trip.

You will find that Oman is a safe nation with a diversified landscape whenever you book Oman Airlines flights. It's easy to get away from it all when you're in Muscat's beautiful architecture and cosmopolitan vibe. Above all else, you'll fall in love with the Omani people's genuine warmth, inviting culture, and hospitality.

Traditions and customs from the past merge seamlessly with Omani's present and future, which is a testament to the country's forward-thinking vitality. The following are some of our favorite things to see and if you are booking airline flights to this country. Here's our list of the greatest things to do in Oman.

Swim to Remember the Shooting Star

Located in Oman, the Bimmah A sinkhole is one of the world's most gorgeous sinkholes, thanks to its wonderfully sculpted cliffs, turquoise-colored waters, and how the rocks deteriorated. If you are an adventurer then your adventurous soul will also get satisfied if you book Oman Airline online flights and visit this place.

Despite what the locals believe, it was produced by a collapse of the surface layer caused by dissolved limestone. The sinkhole's enticing waters and stunning setting entice tourists from all over the world with different airline flight tickets to take a refreshing plunge.

Visit Rose Water Distillers

It is located in the mountains of Oman, between pomegranate and jasmine trees, near the Rose Water Distilleries. A must-see, especially in April, when the damask roses are in full bloom and ready to be harvested! To collect roses from their plots of land, the locals utilize traditional extraction methods. They use the flowers to produce their rose water, rose sweets, rose beverages, and perfumes.

Visitors from across the globe with cheap Airline flight deals are invited to explore the rose gardens and make their rose products, as well as utilize the telescopes to gaze at the stars.

Explore an Ancient Islamic City

The Land of Frankincense Museum, located atop Al Baleed, a UNESCO world heritage site, invites visitors from everywhere with Oman Airline flight tickets or with any other airline to dive into Oman's culturally rich past and the frankincense trade. Seit millennia, frankincense is highly prized in the Arab world for its usage in a variety of religious rites and for its purported ability to expel bad energy and evil spirits when burned.

Architects believe Al Baleed has the relics of an ancient Islamic civilization. When Khareef season is in full swing, the area is lush and beautiful, with coconut and banana plantations from the neighboring villages gracing the landscape. You’ll love this experience this time you book cheap airline online flights to Oman if you love history.

Don’t Forget the Snake Canyon

Wadi Bani Awf, Oman's biggest valley, is filled with picturesque towns, historic ruins, and natural wonders. This place is for those people who love adventures and if you are one of those then don’t forget this canyon if you are booking Oman Airline cheap flights.

Snake Canyon, Oman's largest all-natural water park, is located in this valley. Natural pools, water slides, and waterfalls make this the perfect outdoor playground for anybody who enjoys the great outdoors.

Spend a Night at Misfah Old House

Visitors from across the world go to the mud-village of Misfat Al Abriyeen in Oman, which is perched on top of the Jebel Shams mountains. Prince Charles of the United Kingdom is one of these guests. You can also experience the same this year by visiting this place while on your trip to Oman with Oman Airline online tickets.

Featuring shady corridors, green gardens, ancient buildings that are still inhabited, painted gates, and an open terrace, it's a fascinating complex. For a genuine local experience, the Misfah Old House in Misfat Al Abriyeen is the best option.

Explore the Home of Sinbad the Sailor

Once a major port city in Oman, Sur was the center of Oman's maritime empire, which reached as far as Iran, Mozambique, and even Pakistan. Sinbad the Sailor is said to have been born in the town.

Sur is a great spot to travel for a more relaxing trip since it's a peaceful area where you can watch the sunset or dawn over the beach, visit the streets and watch craftsmen build wooden dhow boats. So, if you are looking for such an experience then visit this place whenever you book online flight tickets to Oman.

Stargazing in Oman

If you are booking Oman airline flights with your kids then this place is a must. It's easy to see why Oman has so many great spots to stargaze because of the Sultanate's varied landscape, which includes lush green mountains, refreshing wadis, and bright deserts.


As a result of the steep mountains and lack of light pollution from towns, several Oman resorts and hotels include telescopes for viewing the night sky. The Milky Way and the planet Mars may be seen as soon as you get away from the congested cities.

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