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Interesting and Useful Facts About Nepal

The country of Nepal has a lot of interesting and amusing factors engulfed in the Himalayan range. Explore the article to know amazing certitude and facts of this beautiful country of Nepal.

Traverse to the enigmatic country that is known for its diversity, serenity, tranquillity, and rich culture, Nepal is truly a paradisal land. A country with stunning landscapes, majestic mountains, mesmerizing lakes, a wide variety of fauna and flora, and everything nice, Nepal is the place one should definitely visit in a lifetime. The country is nestled in the heart of Himalayas - the land of the tallest mountain peak Mount Everest, makes it one of the finest countries to travel to. Surely, Nepal is the land for the wanderers who get enticed with the name of adventure, yoga, trekking, and spirituality.

Nepal has a lot to offers and a lot of amazing facts that we sure you really want to know. So here we are lining up some interesting and useful facts about Nepal that make you learn more about this heavenly place.

The Land of Buddha

Nepal is considered as one of the most spiritual and sacred lands on the world crediting to its being the birthland of Lord Buddha. Siddhartha or Gautam Buddha was born in Lumbini and is now one of the most visited Buddhist pilgrimage sites. There are certain places in Nepal that are bound with the spiritual aura like Bhaktapur and Patan.

Geography and Flag

Nepal is a small country but is loaded with a lot of amusing factors including which is the flag of Nepal. Unlike the other countries flag, Nepal has a non-rectangular shape flag and has two triangular shapes flag stacked with one on another. Coming to its geographical boundaries the map of Nepal and Portugal are alike- just turn Nepal’s flag to 90-degrees clockwise to check the similarities.

Home of Living Goddess

Nepal is the only country in the world where you find living Goddess and are called Kumari - meaning Virgin. The practice is age-old and there are three different Goddesses or Kumaris in three main cities in the Kathmandu Valley. In the tradition, the girls of pre-pubescent age considered earthly manifestations of the divine energy, incarnation of Goddess Durga- in Nepal called Taleju.

Nepal don’t have Independence Day

The best of all, do you know Nepal don’t have Independence Day, as the country never was under any foreign invasion. Yes, Nepal is and was an Independent country, as it was never colonized. It is also one of the oldest South Asian countries, and the famous warriors Gurkhas are also from Nepal.

Have you heard of Elephant Polo

Elephants hold a lot of importance as they are the essential part of the polo game. The entertaining game of elephant polo was originated in Nepal, which is now widely played in Thailand and Rajasthan- India. Tiger Tops is the site of the World Elephant Polo Championship and is headquarter of the game.

Ancient Yogic Land with Legacy

Not only the Adrenaline Junkers, but the yoga nomads too get fascinated by the mystic land of Nepal. Considered one of the ancient yogic lands, Nepal allures a lot of yoga travelers across the world for yoga training and retreats. Go for yoga teacher training in Pokhara or Yoga retreat in Pokhara for a soulful getaway. Pokhara is the renowned land with a legacy for yoga, meditation and Ayurveda practice in Nepal.

Best Trekking Routes

Land of Himalayas- Mount Everest, Nepal is a quintessential place for the trekkers and mountaineers. Nepal is the country that offers one of the best trekking routes, and the most popular ones are Everest Base Camp Trek, Trek to Annapurna Circuit, Manasula Trek, Mustang, Langtang, etc. The snow-covered mountain terrain of Nepal holds a major part of Himalayas.

Religion, Culture, and Tradition

A naturally diverse land, Nepal is renowned for its rich culture, vibrant tradition, languages, and heritage sites. Nepal has over 123 languages, 80 ethnic group, and is a place that never ever seen any riots or clashes in the name of religion. In Nepal there, a lot of UNESCO World Heritage sites that gives a closer glimpse of the country’s history.

These facts help you to know more about this majestic place, and make your travel to the blissful land of the Himalayas, Nepal.

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