Interesting Facts About Celebrities


People will think that being a celebrity is something to enjoy, let me clear this, being a celebrity, you need to take care of many things. Your minor acts are not minor anymore and people tend to gossip about you.  Read more at 5HomeStyle

There is a lot to hear about celebrities and you can check the news on your mobile and T.V whenever you want. I just wonder why people want to know about celebrities, then on interviewing some people I came to know that because of various impacts of celebrities they get automatically liable for public opinion. 

Truth can be stranger than fiction sometimes and while searching for these realities, I realized that this English proverb is true to a large extent. You only get to see the characters famous actors and artists are playing, their personal life and past specially is still hidden. On a lighter note, people who want to pursue careers in journalism or acting, want to learn about the past of their favorite personalities.   

It is quite natural that you will ask about the thing or person you are constantly watching on T.V or the internet. In this article I will only highlight, some facts which you will be interested in. Now I do not know about your famous personality, but I have searched for all the best and influential. 

Webbed Toes 

Our favorite Ashton Kutcher has got webbed toes. You might not have observed it, but he has got. I was thinking why he not got them separated and suddenly I found out that he is trying to pacify and support people who are also born with this condition.  I think this act of kindness is simply great. 

A Dog Mansion 

Paris Hilton has made a dog mansion at the backside of her house. This is something very sweet. H does not only take care of her pet dogs but of stray dogs as well.  Read about Activemyhome.

Reports claim that she undertakes the stray dogs and pampers them until they get healthy. 

Hallucinations are Artistic 

Rebel Wilson claims that she became an actress because of her hallucinations. She would think about various characters and ultimately, she would become that characters.
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According to her, she was on a trip to South Africa where she had a hallucination of winning an Oscar, which was mainly because of her medicines. That was the day when she decided to become an actress.

Vintage Typewriters 

Like most weird yet interesting people have an obsession with typewriters, Tom Hank loves to collect almost every vintage typewriter.

He has got over 100 typewriters, no wonder why he is so creative, maybe he tries to write about characters all night long. 

While giving an interview to a magazine he said, that writing with an old school typewriter is more satisfying than writing with a laptop.     

Mathew Broad rick has Superpowers 

In 1987, Mathew Broderick, happened to be in a car accident he was traveling with a woman who was his family member.

The accident was very severe, and people thought that the actor had died. He, however, had a broken leg, but he was safe.

Oprah has a Body Shaped Bathtub

People will not believe it, but you must believe it, Orpah has got a bathtub which is reportedly one of her favorite ones, shaped like her body. But it is not a small one, it can accommodate two people at a time. I just felt how much, one can love himself. Oprah has done it out of sheer love for her own personality. 

North was a Rumored Name 

Kim Kardashian claimed that her daughter’s name “North” was not actually planned. It was a rumor during her first pregnancy at that time the couple did not consider the rumor but at the time of her second child. 

During her second pregnancy, many celebrities and friends suggested her this name, saying that they were thinking that she would have this name for her firstborn. Like, will you ever do this to your child, I think yes. Celebrities tend to do every unique thing they can and that is what makes them special.   Read about Arkconsolecommands