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Interesting facts to learn about Ayres Rock on tour to Australia

Ayres Rock on tour to Australia

Ayers Rock or The Rock is a massive rock formation located in the heart of Australia in the Northern Territory. It is a part of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, and its distance is about 400 km from Alice Springs in the southwest. Both locals and tourists from other countries throng this place to bask in its unblemished charm. Some take walking tours, some enjoy camel riding, and others drive their cars to this landmark. Different modes of transport are available to get to this site, which is one of the highlights of this sightseeing spot for sure. But what may exceed all the other things when it comes to impressing a connoisseur traveller like you are some fun facts about this unique location.

The uniqueness of Ayres Rock

  • The Rock's height is arguably 318 metres or 986 feet, and its circumference is 8 kilometres or 5 miles. It rises about 2.5 kilometres deep from the ground. A renowned Australian explorer, Ernest Giles called this place "the remarkable pebble" in 1872.
  • The colour of this rock formation transforms at sunset and sunrise timings, making it a sight to behold for a lifetime. When the sun appears on the horizon, its rays climb from the bottom to eventually cover the entire formation with a beautiful bold red hue creating an illusion of fire and then leave it in its original burnt orange shade. The shades again change from crimson red to orange when the sun is going down. Wildlife enthusiasts, tourists, and travellers visit this place particularly for this unusual sight.
  • The colours that reflect during sunset and sunrise on this structure are due to its sandstone structure that contains different minerals, such as feldspar.
  • The Rock has derived one of its names after the aboriginals, and it's called 'Uluru', and it probably became official in the 1980s. It is rich in waterholes, springs, caves, and traditional paintings. European settlers called it Ayers Rock after Henry Ayers, one of the Premiers of South Australia. Today, this name is popular with most people and particularly non-Australians.
  • In 1985, the government of Australia transferred the ownership of this place to the Pitjantjatjara tribe (aboriginals), and they gave it back to the government on lease for 99 years in the form of a National Park based on specific promises.
  • This site holds a sacred place in the hearts of local tribal communities, and they expect tourists also to treat it with respect by abandoning the choice of climbing. For that, they have put many signs there. Why climbing is not allowed is because it covers a dreaming track that reminds the local traditional communities of sadness and grief.

Uluru has many things to do and see for you. If you want to make your tour to Australia an unforgettable memory, then plan a visit to The Rock. Many tour companies offer enchanting packages for different travelers. You can buy one that suits your needs the best. For knowledge and information, you can go to an established company’s website and learn about their itineraries and charges.

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