Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Interior Decor Based On Pantone’s Colours for 2021

The past year has been a hectic year for many of us. The pandemic has affected various people in several ways. It is from economic distress, illness, the global pandemic, and several more.

Leading the Pantone institute to choose colours that will express the struggle we have just gone through with the use of colour.

The Pantone Institute has declared itself as the global authority when it comes to colours; they set the standards within the interior décor industry. Thus, every year they come together and choose a colour that will be the new trend for the year.

In the year 2020, they choose the colour blue, signify the resistance, and the pretty persistence it instantly offers your décor. For 2021, they went a step further by selecting two theme colours, to be a little extra; this is the ultimate grey paired with the illuminating yellow.

What these colours represent

The two colours to consider for your decor this year is ultimate grey, carefully paired with the illuminating yellow. The Ultimate grey represents a solid colour within your décor design, it is also thoughtful and a dependable foundation to bring your decor together.

An assuring colour, that is strong, resistant, resilient and ensuring, all the features that we need to have after such a devastating year. The illuminating yellow is more optimistic, giving a sense of hope and promise for better things to come.

It is a bright and cheerful colour that immediately warms up your room, like a little sun in your living room, thus, very lively and uplifting.

You can clearly understand why Pantone chooses these two colours, to offer your décor a theme of energy, clarity and fortification. These two bold colours clearly show how different elements can come together if it is cleverly paired together; they have referred the pairing of these two colours as aspirational.

Take a look at your home décor

These two bold colours used in your décor will immediately send a warm, welcoming message that has been supported with dependability. If you use this theme in your office, it will inspire and environment of curiosity, open mindedness and resourcefulness, leading to more productivity.

Creative ways to incorporate the theme in your home

  • Have a few standout pieces The best way to incorporate this theme is to invest a little and get a few new furniture pieces with these specific colours. Start with picking the main colour from the two, maybe a grey couch, then add a few yellow pieces to the décor.
  • The colours of your walls and doors This is the easiest way to upgrading the look of your living area. To get the exact hue, consider doing a small paint job. A yellow door with a backdrop of grey walls gives that perfect finish.
  • If you not that committed Changing up your décor can be too drastic sometimes, so if you are non-committal to the new hot trend, there are still ways you can honour these colours. Get a few accessories and accent pieces, like a rug in yellow at the centre of the room with some throw pillows; table linen could also be perfect for the kitchen and dining table.

With the new year, people are trying to connect with some positive energy, and a simple change to your decor with the Pantones new colours could do just that.

Happy and want to see everyone happy. Share whatever I know, and I found shareable, helpful and have meaning. Currently writing for CCSU Blog Meerut University Project
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