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International Car Shipping: How to Ship a Car to Ghana

Shipping a car to Ghana from the USA? It’s not as hard as you might think. Have you considered your options for shipping internationally?

Learning more about international car shipping, how much it costs, and the companies that offer this service is a good first step to take before you decide which shipping company to work with.

International Car Shipping Methods

Whether you want to move by air or sea, it's important to consider the size of the container, international shipping contract terms, and other things. You can do this by considering three different types of international vehicle transportation.


The cheapest way to send a car from one country to another is the roll-on/roll-off shipping system, but it might not be the safest. The system means that when a car is driven onto the deck, it will be immobilized by clamps and straps, where it will stay exposed to the weather. Furthermore, a container or a cover is not provided for cars in this method.

Air Freight

If you can afford it, air shipping your car may be the best option. Even if it is more expensive, it might be worth it because it is the safest and fastest way of getting your car from one side of the world to the other. I recommend checking out a shipping company for this type of service.

Shipping Containers

Shipping cars in a container is the most common way to get them across the country. It costs more than RORO, but it's worth the extra money for the safety of your vehicle. The metal container protects your car from outside damage, and it will arrive to its destination safely, with its condition unchanged.

You have a choice when it comes to shipping your four-wheeler. You can have your vehicle consolidated with other cars going to the same port or put in a single container. Consolidated shipping means your car will be in a container with other vehicles going to the same destination. But, there's a catch: this method takes longer for your car to arrive since the container will have to stop at several other ports before reaching its destination.

How to Ship a Car to Ghana

Before importing a car to Ghana, make sure you are aware of taxes and documents needed to pass customs. These can include taxes on the age of the car, its engine displacement, and fuel type. Due to the complexity of these, it is advised to contact the Ghana Revenue Authority website or other such official source for more information.

Document Requirements

When the car arrives at the port, you must provide these documents:

  • The Customs Form C
  • Driver’s license issued in Ghana or an International Driver’s ID
  • The original copies of the purchase invoice and insurance
  • The certificate of title
  • The original copies of the bill of lading (including the vehicle type, engine number and date of production)
  • The HDV of the vehicle

Take into account that the HDV tax is calculated separately for each imported car according to its age and motor size. As a result, the 10-year-old car can be expensive to import.

You ship your car to Ghana and it's inspected by the Customs Excise and Preventive Service (Ghana CEPS). Once your car is cleared, you can take it from the port and International Car Shipping: How to Ship a Car to Ghana register the car with the help of the Driver and Licensing Authority. If your car remains in the port for more than 60 days, then it will be confiscated.


Ghana has two major ports. The first, and largest, is located 16 miles east of Ghana’s capital city, Accra. It is the safest and best port in the country. Cargo ships usually arrive at this port.

Takoradi is the second port in Ghana, handling half of its exports. Shipping rates to Takoradi can be a little higher. Your car will take 16-20 days to arrive after it leaves the USA, on average.

Prepare Your Car for International Shipping

When you're done with your car, make sure you've completed these tasks:

  • Remove any personal belongings
  • Take it to an authorized service to check for dents or other damage
  • Wash the exterior, clean the inside, and check the tires
  • Don't fill the tank more than ¼ of the way
  • Make copies of your keys before leaving one set to the company

Tips for International Car Shipping

  • Pull out your camera and take photos of your car before it leaves. This will be useful if you notice any damage while it's on the way, or after it arrives.
  • Invest in international car insurance that will protect you during transport.
  • If you can't pick up your vehicle upon arrival, talk to the transport company to set up the necessary logistics so someone else can do it for you.
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