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Internet Service Providers Be Ready for 5G with IPTV Apps Custom Developed For You

The world is moving towards 5G and the high internet speeds will be welcome by people who are by now addicted to Netflix and similar VOD services. IPTV goes one better, offering premium quality videos, data, music and services. The demand for IPTV is growing. The IPTV market was worth $ 39 billion in 2019 and it is expected to grow at a rate of over 7%. 5G will accelerate the demand for IPTV. Internet service providers are well placed to take advantage of growing demand with 5G becoming more widespread. Apart from common consumers, internet service providers can tap into the lucrative hotel and business markets. 5G global market will be worth well over $ 1793 million by 2024 from its current $ 72 million worth, according to Statista. Engage experts in IPTV app development to capture a slice of the huge potential market.


5G ideal for IPTV

IPTV, compared to OTT, offers premium quality content streaming, giving viewers the choice of content. The downside is that internet speed variations can cause buffering at peak hours. 5G is ideal in that it allows internet service providers to allocate dedicated slices to various service segments like retail, communication, medical and automotive. This assures subscribers to IPTV services of unhindered viewing experience regardless of number of users at peak hours. The current trend is that consumers mainly rely on their smartphones to access services of which IPTV can be one, accessible through IPTV apps. Full HD or even 4K can then be viewed on the smartphone screen or “cast” to the 50 inch TV.


In a manner of speaking internet service providers can simply provide the app as a shell to customers and then tie up with content providers and serve as a conduit, raking in profits in the process. The writing is on the wall: DTH and cable TV are falling by the wayside as IPTV and 5G TV give customers freedom of choices as regards content and freedom to view content when they want instead of having to adhere to the TV broadcast schedule. Time-shifted or catch-up viewing, for example, is one advantage of IPTV. IPTV solutions from IPTV app developers can help you, as an internet service provider, grab a slice of this growing market. You can provide apps for android phones, IPTV apps for iOS and IPTV for Android TV boxes.


IPTV app solutions

IPTV permits a broad spectrum of services such as

  • Video on demand

  • Time-shift or catch-up TV in which viewers do not have to adhere to TV broadcaster’s schedule

  • Games on demand

  • Live content streaming – for news, sports, cultural events


IPTV app can be customized to suit your business model but a typical app, from the end user perspective, features:

  • Playlist loading or URL loading

  • EPG support, parental control

  • IPTV player and external player integration

  • List of channels and subscription services

  • Multi-cast streams with UDP proxy

With 5G knocking at our doorsteps it is now time to transform being an internet service provider to Complement Digital Service Providers with the help of specialists in IPTV solutions.


Comprehensive services from IPTV app developers

An app is just the front end. If you have the backend ready then it becomes easier for you to specify functionalities and features of the IPTV app. However, if you are exploring this avenue then you will need more than just the app; you will need total IPTV solutions that provide guidance on selection of content providers, models of revenues and subscription models, to name a few. Your IPTV apps development expert should be able to provide assistance to set u a coherent IPTV service. For instance, you will benefit by getting services for cloud based apps and services to help larger clients like hotels set up server-client PMS/HMS like applications or 5G IPTV app in the cloud.


5G will shake up the streaming market

A Strategy Analysis report finds that 5G will shake up the TV and video market, putting established cable and DTH players in the shade. No doubt they too will launch IPTV services based on 5G, which again opens up possibilities for internet service providers to play a key role. Since IPTV is interactive, it opens up possibilities of using the platform for education, healthcare and governance, apart from entertainment. Custom apps can take care of separate service segments.


5G offers a lot of promise for IPTV solutions with companies like Broadcom already offering 5G WiFi IPTV set top boxes conforming to 802.11ac standard. The right time to strike gold is at the start and now is the right time with 5G set to take off in various parts of the world. Set up your IPTV solutions with an IPTV app development Company by your side.




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