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Interview with the CEO of Programmers Force

It takes pure passion and dedication to achieve your goals and ambitions. The feeling of self-actualization and fulfillment is so addicting that it makes you hungry and you don't want to stop. The same goes for the ambitious CEO of Programmers Force, Mr. Khurram A.

Programmer Force is one of the most renowned software companies in Pakistan, specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. It is a FinTech-based company and develops cutting-edge innovations to advance in the financial sector. They started their journey in 2016 with 2 members in a small office in Johar Town and now consist of a team of over 400 dedicated and highly skilled employees. They now have 5 offices in Pakistan and 3 international offices. The heights they have reached today are remarkable.

To date, the company has created many jobs for people from different backgrounds. The company has managed to build an excellent reputation in the tech industry and has now grown into a dream business for all computer science graduates nationwide.

What inspired you to name your company Force Programmers?

“I believe that people are the most important asset of an organization, so as a technology company my team consists of most of the programmers, developers, and software engineers. They are the backbone of my business. , so our 'programmers' are our main 'engine' Hence the name 'Programmers Force'.

What were your visions and goals when you started this business?

He responded to this with passion. “I have always had the vision to do something for the people of my country. It motivates me to create multiple opportunities for them. I want to improve Pakistan's current tech ecosystem. I want people to know that there are more advanced and reliable ways now to help businesses grow. I not only want to provide work-based opportunities, but also pave the way for other startups to do the same. The answer seems definitive for a better future for the Pakistani people.

How did you manage to grow this business from big to big today?

“Everything we have done here is thanks to the blessings of ALLAH. We have done our part by working hard, but ALLAH is the one who guides us on our journey and it is thanks to Him that we are where we are now. I believe in my ability but I never forget that we are here only because of Him. I want to quote here one of my favorite verses from the Holy Quran. ALLAH says in Sura Najm: "And this man did 'gets that true “I am glad that we have done our best and that He has blessed us with success. ALHAMDULILLAH!” His humble response really impressed me.

What's the best memory you have when working at Programmers Force?

“My best memory was the late nights with my team members, at the start of our business. We learned, experienced, learned, and supported once. We all had a similar ideology to do our best and after a while. time together, "we also developed a similar taste for food. We worked, ate, and even slept in the office. I think if you spend quality time with the right people every day is a day to remember. He smiles a little as he answers… His cheerful personality can brighten up anyone's day.

What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business?

"I value the opinions of my colleagues. I have always preferred his opinions and suggestions. It really helped build the trust factor we needed to grow this business to the heights we value."

What if an entrepreneur repeated it over and over and advised others to do the same?

“Brainstorming,” he replied. "There is no limit to your thoughts and imagination. You should always take the time to brainstorm ideas, as this will not only give you new ideas but also improve your existing ones."

How do you motivate yourself at work?

“I think you should only pursue a career they're really interested in. You should remind yourself every day, why are you here? I personally think this factor can boost your ambitions and motivate you to be the person. I by talking about myself I never have to convince myself to come to work, that's what I want to do. If you are pursuing a career in which your passion lies, you don't have to do it. 'inside. "


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