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Introduction and Understanding about SEO

SEO TIPS, why not to resemble it with “Student’s Explaining Opportunity” to get clear idea about it. A teacher asked a question from the class, “what is a machine?” students raised hands who knew the answer. The teacher listened them patiently and ranked each student’s explanation from simple to complex answers. 

Now, he settled these students according to their given ranks. After this ranking, whenever any questions raised by him, he finds the answer as per his rankings. But society moulds the man. The students who were not ranked, worked hard and got their rankings. It was the atmosphere that they were learning from each other to get ranked high.

What is SEO?

Same is the case here as discussed above. Whenever, any key word or phrase is searched in any search engine, it provides data but according to the ranking of the website. The core theme of SEO is to increase the ranking or visibility in the searched results in search engines.

The question arises:-

How to get higher rank among the millions of website?

Whether SEO TIPS are effective?

What are our SEO TIPS to remain on first page of the major search engine?

Undoubtedly, searching techniques and technology are rapidly changing. But the basic fundamentals are same as the day one of SEO. These SEO TIPS are unique, working and affording to the devices you use. So, collaborating with field experts and experienced professionals, our team has dig out following best SEO TIPS.

Improve current and Cover sub-topics.

It is commonly observed that starting drafts does not work effectively. The reason behind is that, the stuff presented remains common. It misses important points that decreases and hinders page’s visibility to be ranked by the search engines. To overcome this issue, one should use two or three pages or top ranking for primary keyword. Then, in “Show keyword” option, one can see high ranked website’s pages will add your website’s pages.  So, by rectifying the issue that would rank the keywords, also include sub-topics.

Emails be sent to everyone.

One of the important factors is “backlinks”. Link building can be through research and personal relations. In first way, email the prospective clients directly informing about your objectives. If you convince them, you will get this link. It takes time but this method bears sweet fruit. I will suggest you to make this link strong, provide them unique stuff. On the other hand, personal relations can also create backlinks. Use them and start your working on. It is clear that the well-written and organized stuff will received appreciation and compliments.

Keep on checking busted back-links.

All efforts get wasted when any “back-link” leads to dead pages. Being dead, it losses existence to be ranked. This is why one must keep on checking the busted “back-links”. Early diagnose will surely save resources.

Now, to restore the broken links, start a filter of 404 pages.  The result obtained with referring domains are broken “back-links”. Here are the ways to repair the broken ones:-

Restoration: A situation when dead page was deleted by mistake, restoring this page will get it to previous position and working.

Changed URL: When a dead page is found with new URL, then it would be effective measure by replacing the old URL to new the one.

Wrongly linked pages: Sometimes, by mistake, my page may be linked wrongly. In such situation,  let the second party know about this mistake and help each-other to find the best way out.

Explore to add internal links.

Navigation from one page to another of a website takes place via “Internal Links”.  Infect, these are also “back-links” to help the navigation.  The best chance to be ranked, it is the best practice to add “Internal Links”. This exercise is also carried out by Google.

There are different SEO Toolbar available to track the analysis of search results.

Inspect the content

Regular inspection of the pages and contents allows you know the needs of page. Any update, consolidation or deletion is required or not. 1 week ago, we deleted 32 blog posts through this process. But keep in mind to prioritize the pages or contents to edit, delete or consolidate. It lessens the contents but boosts the traffic directly. Different softwares are available and also Google Sheets allows you to do the same.

Monitor the Content

Development in resources has increased competition. SEO, to some extent depends on “backlinks”. The higher the quality of “backlinks”, the higher is the chance to get high ranked. It must be tried to get the deserving content and get it linked.

It is the best practice to keep visiting the content and changing the same whenever required. No worry to alter it completely. Updating includes the new features should be added to increase the visibility and ranking.


It is free service to join and on daily basis, the subscriber receives email from different journalists. As the email is received, the subscriber is required to check either he meets the requirements. Catching up the requirements will lead to acclaim you a “backlink”.

Install a caching plugin

It is very simple trick but very effective. It boosts the website speed for visitors. There are some others following reasons to install it:-

On mobile or desktop, page opening speed matters to rank it.

As the page loading time gets down, the visitor chance to stay increases.

Undoubtedly, there are other factors to affect the page speed but it takes only two minutes to install and start it working.


The above discussed SEO TIPS are core. As informed above these are dig out with the assistance of professionals and well experienced personnel of the organization. We will recommend you to follow these SEO TIPS to give a boost to your webpage. 

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