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Invest in the UK with the Tier 1 Investor Visa

Investing in any country is an exciting prospect. If done correctly, you could make significant profits in the future and join the long line of success stories of people who have made great foreign investments.

If you have spent a lifetime working hard and accumulating wealth, and you are thinking of expanding your investment portfolio, then investing abroad could be for you. 

When thinking about where to invest, it is always worth considering a country's political stability, the tax system, the geographical proximity, and the immigration rules. All countries have different investor requirements, so it is always worth checking with a lawyer to find out if you are legally allowed to invest your money. 

The UK is a country that has set a precedent for attracting much foreign investment from individuals, companies and institutions because it has one of the most stable political systems and also has one of the most developed financial services sectors in the world. 

This gives many people confidence when choosing it as a location to invest their money. It also gives investors benefits under the Tier 1 investor visa, which allows you to live in the UK for the long term if you choose to invest a minimum of 2 million pounds.

If you have a minimum of 2 million pounds and are considering the UK as the place to invest your money, you may choose the Tier 1 Investor path. However, it is most advisable that you speak with a team of professional immigration lawyers London beforehand to seek the best advice and guidance and find out specifically how you can benefit from this visa, invest your money safely, and eventually gain permanent residence in the UK after five years. 

Since Brexit was finalized on the 1st of January 2021, the UK government is looking to attract as much beneficial investment to the country to boost the economy. It is promoting London, one of the most popular global financial hubs to attract these opportunities. 

People from all over the world have benefited from the Tier 1 investor visa as an entry route to invest money and eventually live in the UK. The highest number of people who have been granted this visa come from China, India, Russia, and the United States.

The application process for this visa is not complicated, but several things need to be proved by the applicant so that the UK government can assess whether the investment ideas of the applicant are legal and legitimate. Also, checks are done on where the money has come from and whether it is clean or is money acquired from illegal activities. So, if you do decide to apply for this visa route, make sure you can prove that your money is legal, it is yours and that you are a genuine investor in the UK market. 

Once you have been granted the visa, it is time to make some investments. However, before you make sure, you do your research and speak with a financial advisor so that you can have the best possible portfolio laid out in front of you and for you to choose how you will invest your money. 

After you remain on the Tier 1 investor visa path for five years, you will be able to permanently reside in the UK. It is a win-win situation because if you are granted a Tier 1 investor visa, you will be able to make money on your investment and eventually have the right to live in the UK for the long term. Just make sure you speak with a lawyer and financial advisor before you make any bold investment moves and fulfil the visa requirements properly, and you could be on your way to investing and living in the UK for the long term.

Current COVID-19 crisis 


Applying for the Tier 1 Investor Visa is still possible and can be done from abroad. Those applying will have to follow current UK guidelines upon entry to the UK and as the current rules stand will have to quarantine for fourteen days in a hotel. The current rules will stay in place until further notice. For the most up to date information about the changing immigration rules and to inquire about the Tier 1 Investor Visa or immigration routes to the UK, please do not hesitate to contact Gulbenkian Andonian Immigration Solicitors in London.


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