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Investing in Small Cars for Sale Brisbane Models

Big is in. Most consumers prefer buying larger items. For instance, a bigger bag to fit more items when they go out or a bigger fridge so they can store more food and beverages. The automobile industry is no exception. According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, in Australia, almost a million vehicles were sold in 2020, 49.6% of which are SUVs.

Getting a larger vehicle is a no-brainer because of its many benefits. But do you know that investing in small cars for sale Brisbane models can also be advantageous for you?

Buying a Car? Here’s Why You Should Consider a Small One

When in the market for cars for sale Brisbane QLD brands, clients will most likely check out those that are bigger. Vehicles that have bigger dimensions may be a popular choice but that doesn’t mean smaller cars didn’t have what it takes. These are some of the reasons why you should keep your options open when it comes to small cars:


Perhaps one of the biggest edges in choosing smaller cars over larger ones is the amount of savings you’ll get. Medium SUVs can cost above AUD 30,000. Meanwhile, smaller vehicles like Kia Rio cars for sale, can range from $17,000 up to AUD 25,000. Not only do they come at cheaper selling prices but they also are easier to maintain. Thanks to their smaller engines and simpler mechanic systems, you won’t need to deal with breakdowns or maintenance, thus, more savings on your part.

Better Performance

Compared to larger vehicles, small cars for sale Brisbane models offer an excellent price-to-performance ratio. They are reported to accelerate fast and brake efficiently. Also, with their compact size, they are easier to manoeuvre particularly on narrow and busier streets. You won’t even have a problem squeezing them in tight parking spaces. This makes small cars perfect for city driving.

Better Fuel Economy

Aside from being lightweight, small cars are fuel-efficient. This is because they have smaller fuel tanks, unlike their bigger counterparts. You can definitely avoid the problems with fluctuating car fuel prices when you invest in a smaller car.

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Not everything is about size. Smaller cars also have what it takes to be up to par with larger cars when it comes to the overall appearance. Aside from having a sleek style, the interiors can also be surprisingly spacious. To ensure comfort, compact car manufacturers now produce wider car seats. Most are also designed with tall roofs for generous headroom.


Safety has always been a priority of car manufacturers. That is why when you buy a compact auto, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that they are also just as safe as the larger ones. Small cars for sale Brisbane brands also come with similar safety features such as parking sensors, airbags, forward-collision warning, collision-mitigation braking systems, and more.

Lesser Time and Resources Needed to Clean

While some of us entrust our cars to professional cleaning services, others prefer to take the job themselves. If you’re one of those who clean their cars at home, then obviously, a small car is a good option for you. Cleaning small cars is a breeze! Plus, you get to save on water, car shampoo, and other car cleaning essentials.


Still not sold in buying a small car despite the mentioned advantages? You may ask a nearby dealership to try out a demo Kia Sportage for sale just to get a feel of driving it. Although the price may already be enticing you, test driving a compact vehicle may help you reach an informed decision as to whether or not it’s the ideal car for you.

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