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Invisalign Invisible Braces In Lahore

The arrival of Invisalign invisible braces was a clear revolution for the dental sector. If you are thinking of correcting the position of your teeth to improve the aesthetics and functionality of your mouth, in our dental clinic we have Invisalign, the only orthodontics without braces .

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign invisible braces is one that uses transparent splints, being imperceptible to the view of others. These transparent splints are manufactured in a personalized way , guaranteeing their good adaptation to the teeth of each patient.

 To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, the aligners have to be changed from time to time (the orthodontist will mark it), so that they can correctly execute the dental movements planned by the dentist.

The components of Invisalign Invisible Braces: Aligners and Attachments:

"The Invisalign invisible Braces has two components. The fixed component of the Invisalign orthodontic that is placed on the surfaces of the teeth are the attachments. And the removable component that is removed and put on they are Invisalign aligners or splints. "

What material are Invisalign attachments made of?

The Invisalign Invisible Braces System Attachments are small reliefs made of composite , an aesthetic tooth-colored material, that adhere to the tooth surface. Its placement is completely painless because it is not an invasive procedure and does not require anesthesia. 

The size of the attachments varies between 1 and 3 millimeters and not all teeth have to have attachments . The size, the number of attachments and the teeth that have to be carried are data programmed in the previous Invisalign study and vary in each patient because each Invisalign clinical case is individual and unrepeatable.

If you are thinking of putting on the Invisalign orthodontic system , fear not: the attachments placed on the teeth do not hurt or distract. They are highly aesthetic, have a soft touch and do not rub in the mouth.

 Its placement and removal is easy and painless for the patient. At the end of the treatment, the attachments , to fulfill their function, are removed from the teeth, leaving the tooth surface smooth as before.

The before, after and during:

At Ensmile  we are experts in invisible braces in Lahore. In orthodontic treatments it is common to analyze the before and after, leaving the intermediate process aside.

The before and after are common for all types of orthodontics , since they are all equally effective, successfully achieving the objectives set. The difference between Invisalign and the other types of dental braces is in the during . 

Traditional orthodontics, made up of braces and hooks, are much more uncomfortable than Invisalign, causing discomfort and making the treatment heavier.

The comfort and aesthetic improvement that Invisalign provides  ,  make  the treatment much more bearable,  a very important aspect considering that the duration of an orthodontic treatment is usually 1-2 years .

Can I wear Invisalign? What advantages does it have?

After a thorough diagnosis in which we analyze the dental conditions of the patient, it is time to plan the orthodontic treatment. If your desire is to wear Invisalign invisible braces and our orthodontist does not find any contraindications , you can opt for this invisible orthodontic.

As long as you do not have a dental or periodontal disease that complicates the treatment, Invisalign may be your ideal type of orthodontics, but what advantages does it have?

Aesthetics: It is clearly the main reason that leads patients to opt for Invisalign . This invisible orthodontic removes the complexes caused by braces, allowing you to smile without any problem while wearing the transparent splints.

The Comfort: It is the other key point of Invisalign. Any type of orthodontics with braces can cause discomfort , causing sores and wounds in the mouth, problems that are avoided with the arrival of this invisible orthodontics.

It is Removeable: Being a removable orthodontic, the splints can be removed and replaced for dental hygiene tasks or eating, which provides great comfort to the patient and facilitates dental cleaning. 

With the more traditional types of orthodontics, it is very common for food debris to remain between the braces, which can lead to dental, periodontal disease and halitosis.

Observe the final result before treatment:

How will my teeth look at the end of the treatment? Invisalign has a software called ClinCheck that allows you to see what your smile will be like before even putting on the first transparent splints. It is a software that simulates the dental movements planned by the dentist and shows what the final image of the patient will look like , helping them to be more motivated during the treatment.

In addition, with ClinCheck a more advanced control of the treatment is achieved, allowing both the orthodontist and the patient to closely follow the evolution of the teeth.

Invisalign at Ensmile:

We have the best Invisalign specialists in Lahore. If you go to our dentist, you should know that we comply with a process based on 5 stages to achieve the image you want.

After a thorough diagnosis , we resorted to the manufacture of the clear aligners . 

Once the splints arrive at the clinic, we deliver them to the patient, beginning with the relevant dental movements . During the treatment, extra splints can be delivered in charge of perfecting the aesthetic appearance and, finally, the use of retainers in order to preserve the change achieved through the treatment.

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