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Invisible Braces: All the Data You Need

This device is used in orthodontics to help correct the incorrect position of the teeth over time. Today there is a variety of orthodontic appliances, each one adapts to different needs. However, many adolescents and adults to avoid social stigmas associated with traditional orthodontics, consider the use of invisible braces.

When we refer to invisible braces we mean any bracket or aligner of transparent color, they are very similar to traditional orthodontic braces and an alternative to those made of metal or ceramic braces.  It is a mouth guard, which is held in the front and back of the teeth, being completely removable.

To have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, you no longer need a mouthful of wires and those unattractive key holders. Using these invisible dental braces helps you improve your self-esteem and restore your physical confidence since they offer a very aesthetic alternative and are barely visible compared to traditional orthodontics.

These transparent aligners are manufactured using a very advanced technology whose function is to predict the movement of the teeth, that is why this removable orthodontic appliance will help you straighten your teeth little by little.

Conditions treated with invisible braces:

However, these appliances are not suitable to treat some cases of misalignment or those complex problems that one has in the bite and that it is better to treat them with traditional orthodontic methods, invisible braces can be used to treat these conditions:

  • Crowded or widely spaced teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Invisible braces are specially designed for older adults and adolescents, as it can cause problems in children who still have their baby teeth. Those younger children and adolescents must cope with these problems with traditional braces. But despite this, only a trained professional can determine if you are a candidate for invisible aligners.

This invisible braces treatment has been specially designed for adults, since its use requires absolute and rigid cooperation; These trays should be used for about 22 hours a day and should not be forgotten or lost.

Types of invisible braces:

Ceramic braces: These are like metal braces and use brackets that are the same color as the teeth (sometimes the wires are the same color as well) instead of using the metal color to straighten the teeth. 

These do not stain easily and blend with the color of the teeth, making it less noticeable than metal, but they are not exactly “invisible”.

Inside braces: These are attached to the teeth at the back of the teeth and are out of sight, thus preventing their users from feeling self-conscious about the use of transparent or metal orthodontic braces in the front of the braces. teeth. Compared to the rest of transparent dental appliances, this one is fixed and cannot be removed.

Transparent:  These aligners are removable and provide a treatment without irritation, that is why the discomfort when adjusting them is minimized. They are almost invisible, without being invasive and resistant to wear and tear.

 These aligners are easy to remove for eating, drinking and special events, this makes it easier for you to brush and floss.

But since they are removable, they require greater motivation and self-discipline to keep them in place and at the same time they become easy to misplace or lose. If this happens, the treatment may be delayed-

Different Factors that affect the Braces price in Pakistan:

There are different aspects that directly affect the braces price in Pakistan.

  1. Patient Needs
  2. Technology And Techniques
  3. Complete Customization of Dental Appliances according to Patient Needs
  4. Knowledge and Experience Of Orthodontists

The braces price in Pakistan:

Braces price in Pakistan varies from patient to patient and the type of braces used In treatment. At Ensmile the price starts from 70,000/- to 170,000/- according to patient requirements.

What is invisible braces In Lahore?

Invisible braces in Lahore is a new and advanced treatment that manages to correct the defects of the teeth without the need to use the classic brackets. The invisible braces technique is based on the creation of clear aligners or splints that fit perfectly and individually to each of the teeth.

This modern treatment has become the most used alternative by those patients who do not want to wear braces and are looking for a solution to their problems of deviation in the position of the teeth, crowding, overbite, etc.

The biggest advance of this treatment, and the big difference with conventional braces, is that the aligners are not fixed or attached to the teeth, so they can be removed to eat and to brush the teeth. They are also made of a transparent material that makes them very discreet and practically invisible to the naked eye.

The invisible Braces is a revolution in this type of treatment because it allows placing the malposition of the teeth without anyone noticing.

The orthodontist at Ensmile, explains that there is no contraindication for this type of orthodontics, any patient can wear it just like fixed orthodontics.

“It depends mainly on the case, if the patient has some gum disease in which this type of treatment is not indicated because the problem is not solved. In reality, there is no one who cannot wear transparent orthodontics,

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