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How to Ensure Usability of iOS App Development?

According to Statista’s report, “Apple’s App Store is the second largest app store”. It also reflected the fact that by January 2017, the Apple App Store had 2.2 million apps available to download for multiple iOS devices. These statistics surely state worldwide popularity of the iOS applications.

However, even though the popularity is increasing in an exponential way, many apps are being uninstalled by the users just after using it for a couple of times which is very frustrating for the app developers. Hence, one of your major concerns should be how to ensure the app usability.

Here is a detailed guide to ensure the usability of your iOS applications. It will help you to provide your app users with a satisfactory app experience. Also, it will help you to diminish the app uninstallation rate.

  • Keep the Design Simple

When you start designing an app, you should keep in mind what the app’s purpose is, how your app users are going to be benefitted. Accordingly, you can think of features to be included and how the interface will be designed. From the design of the app, users should get the idea about the app’s functionality as well.

Adding unnecessary or unwanted features can divert the users. Also, they might become confused and frustrated with congested designs. The minimalistic design approach is trending in today’s market. Hence, it is better if you keep the app design simple yet intriguing.

  • Interactive Push Notifications

The main purpose of using push notifications is to grab the app users’ attention and engaging them in the app. Usually, to notify the users about flash sales, special offers, coupon codes, these interactive push notifications are used. A study report made by Urban Airship reflected the fact that sending more push notifications can enhance the rates of app retention by almost 3 to 10 times. Moreover, the real-time information can be used to get instant user response.

  • Improve Findability

Improving findability means letting your users find the intended service, product or feature inside the app effortlessly. When the app users cannot find what they are looking for in the app, they can easily become frustrated. Also, they can uninstall your app and give a bad review about it which will create a bad impact.

You can improve the findability of the app by putting a lot of searches like faceted search, filtered search, suggestive search and many more. It will definitely enhance the users’ app experience.

  • TouchID Authentication

Technology is progressing and along with it, even the iOS app developers should evolve themselves and adopt new ways to engage the users. To use an app securely, the technique of using the password manager is nothing intriguing now!

Introduce your users to TouchID authentication that allows the users to access the app quickly as well as securely. Fingerprint authentication is much easier and helps to avoid the hassle of typing the username and password. However, to set up the Touch ID, a passcode for the device is needed to be created and here’s the guide to do it.

  • Provide Quick Launch Option

Usually, a smartphone user has multiple apps installed in the device. Hence, the phone screen might look a bit hotchpotch and congested with too many apps. Finding a particular app among all these scattered apps sometimes become a pain point! Make users’ this pain point into your application’s gain point.

How? Let your users launch the app quickly on the home screen with the quick launch options.

  • 3D Touch in the App

Providing the functionality of the 3D touch in an app helps in achieving more visibility in the App Store along with getting higher user interaction. Integrating the 3D touch in the app will help you to reach the maximum number of app users.

  • Introduce Split Screen and the Slide Over

Using one app at a time sometimes can become very frustrating for a user! If they want to use another app at the same time, they need to leave the app what they are currently using and only then they can use the other app.

This is where the concept of split screen and the slide over come in the picture. Split view, Picture-in-Picture, and Slide-Over - these are the three major multitasking actions. These multitasking actions help to boost the application productivity by allowing the users to access more than one apps at the same time.

With the Split View feature, two apps can be optimised at the same time. Also, the screen distribution can be adjusted depending on the viewing needs. With the feature of Picture-in-Picture, watching a video on one side and on the other side, optimising other apps (for instance, checking emails) is possible.

Introducing these latest features in the iOS app development field will help you to make such iPhone and iPad Apps that will ensure improved user engagement and usability.

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